BendPak Tears Itself Apart for 2019


Alright, so the title of this article might be a little dramatic, but not by much. To get this spy photo, we had to sneak into the construction zone when no one was working. It captures the messy magic that is our customer service overhaul. The entire area you see in the photo below (and plenty of space outside the edges of the frame) is going to be dedicated to a 70+ person service center.

Location of our new customer support center

The best part? It’s located right at our own Southern California headquarters. That means we’ll have more departments, more team leads and more service techs dedicated to making your before, during and after-sale experience with BendPak as great as humanly possible. We’re simply champing at the bit as we prepare to welcome in all these new faces, but there is still lot of work to be done. We anticipate that this facility will be operational in the next six months or so, and we’ll certainly keep you posted on its progress.

Construction for new BendPak facility
Construction begins on 50,000 square foot BendPak facility

Not only are we building a new customer service area, but we’re also constructing a 50,000 square-foot shipping and receiving facility. What’s that mean for you? Watch the video below to find out!

You might remember that we finished a similar facility back in early 2017, and we still need more, more, more! We’re growing even faster than we anticipated—and we anticipated that we would grow pretty fast. Much of the first half of 2019 is going to be about tracking our growth and preparing for what’s next, and the second half will be settling in with our expanded staff and surroundings. That’s when we’ll really be rolling. Be sure to follow us to keep up with everything!

Since we’re in Marketing here, we just have to say it: “Wait, there’s more!” BendPak is getting a brand new look from the outside. Below you can see a rendering of what the new building will look like. We want to thank each and every one of you for joining us on our journey to perfection. The future is looking bright, and we’re coming!

Rendering of new BendPak building
BendPak plans to finish construction in 2019

9 responses to “BendPak Tears Itself Apart for 2019”

  1. Kevin Hagar writes:

    I bought your 12,000# two post lift and am very happy with it. I wonder now how I worked without one for so many years and it is a valuable piece of equipment in my shop. But I hope that by now you are packing your lifts more securely with additional forklift driver protection. Your new facility will be a great addition especially if the lifts that you send to your customers arrive with no damage.

  2. mike paoletti writes:

    need a car lift, installed.

  3. Karl writes:

    Will you be doing powder coating in your new facility? The only thing that kept me from already buying one was I could not get the 4 post lift I wanted in blue color to go with my other shop equipment.

  4. Atom writes:

    Nice reference to The Room… Truly a classic!

  5. Max Glassburg writes:

    Thanks Karl. You can always get your lift in blue if you custom order. Just call in and ask us!

  6. Jon La Bree writes:

    How about updating the lifts that were sold earlier.? You have revised the lifts quite a bit since I purchased mine.

  7. Max Glassburg writes:

    Thanks Jon. Please direct your questions to They will be able to assist you and let you know if we have what you’re looking for, or work out an alternate solution.

  8. Vernon Hehn writes:

    Is there any place in florida i can go pick a 4 post hoist up?

  9. Max Glassburg writes:

    Yes, Vernon! Please contact or call us to get that taken care of!

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