BendPak Construction Update, December 2019


Earlier this year we completed our service center overhaul, but if you’ve kept up with our social media and recent updates you know that this was only the beginning. With the beginning of the new year, it’s time to go BIG and prepare for another year of explosive growth at BendPak.

Sometime mid-2018, we announced our latest 50,000+ sq. ft. shipping and receiving expansion going in next door to our main office building. As with most construction projects, we experienced some delays and setbacks, but we’re excited to share that construction is back on track and there’s no stopping it now!

We really hit our stride as a company in 2017 and have continued to grow upwards at a rate faster than we could ever have expected. The only thing in our way is space, time and a whole lot of effort! That’s why we are making way for the future with new buildings, renovated working spaces and new tools and methods to help us keep up with demand and provide the best service possible.

How far along is the new building?

As you can see from the picture above, with this facility we are—metaphorically and literally—laying the groundwork for a future of constant growth. So where are we at with the construction? Well, we are finally beginning to pour concrete! Today we are pouring the concrete footings and installing rebar to help create a solid and reliable foundation. While this is happening, all the utilities and cabling will be set into place and wired up for future use. Next, the giant 50,000+ sq. ft. concrete slab will be poured and once that’s complete, things really start coming together.

What advantages will the new building bring to BendPak?

Even with our latest 70,000+ sq. ft. warehouse going up in 2018, our explosive growth over the last few years has made it difficult to find space for new products and inventory. We need more room for our growing brands and product lines such as QuickJack, Autostacker, and GrandPrix. This new 50,000+ sq. ft. warehouse will double as a shipping and receiving facility and advance our capabilities even further.

What does all of this mean for you? This means we’re able to warehouse more on-demand inventory, which helps us get products to you quicker. Ensuring that your products arrive on time and in good condition and making room for a whole range of new and exciting equipment.

With our current rate of development, we fully expect to see the new facility completed in 2020! But that’s not all we have planned for the New Year! Follow along with our updates and construction process to see our plans come to life! With so much coming our way, 2020 is sure to be just as big of a year, if not bigger, than 2019.





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