BendPak at NADA 2023


SANTA PAULA, CA (January 19, 2023) – 2023 has barely started, and we’re already gearing up for our first show of the year! BendPak is heading to Dallas, Texas for NADA 2023, which is running January 27 -29! At BendPak, we really don’t know what it means to take it easy. We’re constantly innovating and pushing the boundaries of what our equipment can accomplish. What better way to demonstrate that than by going to NADA? This year there’ll be over 500 exhibitors at the event, and BendPak is going to come swinging! We’ll be bringing some fan favorites, some recently revealed equipment, and of course, some brand-new products. We have plenty in store for you to check out at our Booth # 3989, so let’s go over what you can expect.

NADA 2023 & Equipment

We’re coming to NADA fully loaded. We’ll have Autostacker, Ranger, Cool Boss, Ergochair, and more represented. We’ll also be debuting new Drumand equipment. What’s Drumand? We’ll get into that. We have a lot of equipment coming, so let’s just go over quick rundown.

Our R80EX is a rugged tire changer which is outfitted with the industry’s best and most advanced tools. The R80EX comes equipped with a dual-assist, tilt-back tower design to ensure operators are able to service tires as efficiently as possible. We’ll also have the LS43B wheel balancer. Featuring exclusive Laser-Spot™ technology, the laser lines will clearly indicate outboard and inboard weight placements. Both machines result in significantly faster turnaround times for operators.

COOLBLAST Series from Cool Boss. Keep cool while saving big.


Are You Ready For Electric Vehicles?

The AP Series: the next generation of BendPak Two-Post lifts. We’ll be bringing the standard 10AP model, with a 10,000 lb. lifting capacity, so you can see for yourself what we mean when we say this lift is revolutionary. Each AP lift can load vehicles symmetrically or asymmetrically, and it’s all thanks to our new Bi-Metric arms! These arms are triple telescoping in both the front and the rear, and they can also nest at a shorter length than traditional arms designs, which means it’s incredibly easy to get those arms where they’re supposed to be. We’re also bringing our new EV4000SL full-rise scissor lift which is perfect for EV battery pack and powertrain replacement. The EV4000SL electric-hydraulic lift table is a multi-functional scissor lift that features recessed anchoring locations for accommodating a variety of modular fixtures, adapters and accessories. Each can be repositioned or removed as you see fit. Electric vehicles are becoming increasingly more popular, and with equipment like this, shops will be able to safely and efficiently handle whatever comes their way.

The future of two-post lifts: The AP Series. Maximize efficiency with this adaptable lift.
EV2400SL EV battery pack and powertrain lifting system
With its compact design, this space-saving scissor lift can be easily transported anywhere in the workplace.










Introducing: Drumand







We’re excited to introduce the latest member of the BendPak family, Drumand! We’ll be showing off the first of Drumand products with our lineup of heavy-duty bollards! We’ll have semi-automatic, manual retractable, hydraulic automatic, and more!

This is just a small sample of what we have in mind for Drumand. We can’t wait to show you what else we have in the pipeline, but you’ll have to wait a bit longer!

See you in Dallas, Texas!

It’s not too much longer before NADA begins. Make sure to swing by our booth # 3989, and if you’re not able to make it, we’ve got you covered. Follow us on Social Media so you can stay up to date on what we have in store!

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