Tire Changer Features Explained

Adjustable RimGuard™ Wheel Clamps

RimGuard Wheel clamps are a Ranger exclusive. No more damaging expensive wheels and losing your hard-earned profit. Eliminate steel clamps on your tire changer turntable and go with our durable, hardened plastic RimGuard clamps.

Ever feel anxious when it's time to service powder coat wheels and expensive alloy rims? Ranger's non-marring RimGuard™ wheel clamps feature integrated Polymer and Urethane shields to protect delicate wheels and are adjustable to accommodate rim sizes Put aside your worries, not your expensive wheels.

Ranger Adjustable Rim Guard Wheel Clamps Turntable

Adjustable RimGuard™ wheel clamps provide expanded wheel clamping range and feature internal and external multi‐teeth jaws. Adjustments are fast, making it easy to keep the wheels rolling in your shop.

Protect Wheel During Tire Change Ranger

Most Ranger tire changers feature our advanced wheel clamping technology, so users can effortlessly adjust the clamping dimensions as much as 30" on most models (actual distance may vary by model). In fact, with the exception of the R745 model, all Ranger tire changers feature adjustable wheel clamps with our patented, non-marring RimGuard inserts. There's no longer any need for the clumsy plastic covers operators have been wasting time with for years. Our clamp protectors are long-lasting, durable and easy to replace. Most importantly, they’re not going to damage your customers’ wheels. These hardened plastic inserts make contact with the wheel during external clamping and are safe for both aluminum and steel wheel types.

Wheel Protection for Tire Changers RimGuard Ranger

Internal clamps extend from 10.5” to 28”, while external clamping extends to 30”. An easy-to-read measuring board lets you see exactly how far to extend the clamps for each wheel. Clamp movement is controlled by a convenient foot pedal, leaving your hands free to adjust the tire-and-wheel assembly as necessary.

Adjustable Wheel Clamps for Tire Changer by RimGuard