Shipping FAQs

*Shipments destined to remote rural areas may be subject to a Delivery Area Surcharge

What is BendPak's free shipping domestic freight policy?

We are able to offer free shipping to the 48 states, excluding Alaska and Hawaii. There are occasional charges for rural and other zones, as well as lift gate service. Accessories and service parts not covered by warranty are subject to a per piece freight charge based on weight and destination.

Find more information about our freight policy.

What is the Rural Area Transportation Zone (RATZ) surcharge?

Even if a product is eligible for free shipping, if the destination is located within a rural shipping area, the item may be charged an incidental RATZ surcharge. These charges come few and far between.

Will farthest traveled shipping destinations be more subject to RATZ surcharges?

No. RATZ does not apply to shipping distances, but rather how remote an area.

What product lines does RATZ apply to?

RATZ applies to all BendPak and Ranger products including options and service parts.

What are accessorial charges and freight surcharges?

Free shipping is offered for most domestic shipments, but even these shipments are sometimes subject to accessorial charges. These apply to freight that requires service beyond normal pickup, transport and delivery. BendPak’s domestic dealers will be charged these fees to pass on to the buyer. Accessorial charges include the following: lift gate service; residential pickup/delivery; re-delivery or return trip; pre-delivery phone notification; waiting time; storage charges; special delivery destinations and/or limited access; and reconsignment.

Are there additional freight charges to Alaska, Hawaii, US Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico?

Yes. Please contact your BendPak dealer or contact our sales department for quotes prior to placing your order.

What is BendPak NOT responsible for?

We are not responsible for equipment of any type necessary to unload items off of a delivering carrier's vehicle; charges related to delivery of items to residential areas with restrictions on carrier vehicle size or weight, unless such charges were prepaid prior to shipment; charges related to delivery of items via lift-gate, unless such charges were prepaid prior to shipment.

What is a Bill of Lading?

The signed Bill of Lading is signed acknowledgement by the carrier that the product arrived in good condition.

What should be done about concealed damage?

Consignees have 48 hours to notify the freight carrier and request an inspection.

Is BendPak's free shipping policy really in my best interest?

Yes! At BendPak we realize that today's consumers are well informed and price-conscious. According to a recent survey by PayPal, unexpectedly high shipping fees are the number one reason consumers abandon warehouse-dealer-to-consumer or online-dealer-to-consumer purchases. We realize that consumers are becoming more adept at comparing online and offline prices to find the best possible deal before making a purchase—and often the savings is in the shipping.

In the United States, BendPak products are sold through many of the nation's largest auto parts chains and online tool / equipment dealers. These retailers often demand free shipping in order to better attract customers and simplify their order processing. It is these retailers and national chains that keep us so keenly aware of how sensitive their customers are to paying exorbitant shipping charges. So, we have worked to negotiate reduced shipping costs with our national carriers that result in direct savings for our customers. Should you wish to will call your new purchase at BendPak's facility in Santa Paula, CA, our dealers will be happy to offer a price reduction.

How do I purchase?

As a designer and manufacturer of quality automotive service equipment, we partner closely with a network of independently owned and operated retail equipment dealers and nationwide service centers for the sale and service of our products. If you would like to purchase any of our products, request further information, or receive details for the dealer in your area, simply fill out the How to Purchase form on any one of our product information pages.

You may also call our sales number found on the Contact Information page. You will be forwarded to one of our friendly customer service representatives who will direct you to an authorized dealer.

What if I am unable to unload the product at my home or business?

OPTION 1 – Freight terminals are located across the country, and they can receive your shipment for pickup or transport.

OPTION 2 – An independent, certified BendPak contractor can handle the delivery—and even installation—of your shipment.

OPTION 3 – Lift gate service can be ordered to help get the product out of the delivery truck. Please note that it is the buyer’s responsibility to prepare the product for installation and/or transport it once it is off the truck.

Which shipping carriers do you offer?

  • FedEx: Small packages and parcels.
  • Truck Freight: Medium-duty BendPak / Ranger products.
  • Flatbed Carriers: Heavy-duty and oversized BendPak / Ranger products.

Please note that shipping options vary depending on the type and quantity of merchandise you choose to purchase, as well as your shipping address.

If I have an item shipped by truck freight, is the driver responsible for unloading the merchandise?

No. An additional fee will be applied to all residential deliveries of heavy equipment and to any lift gate service.

What if my freight is damaged?

If a shipment is damaged when it arrives, you must sign "damaged" on the freight bill and make notes regarding the damage. Please take digital photos, if possible.

When can a trace be initiated on my shipment?

  • Parcel Post: 14 working days after ship date.
  • UPS: 10 working days after ship date.
  • Truck Freight: 10 working days after ship date.

Do you ship outside the United States?

Yes. Call 1-805-933-9970 for international shipping rates or email

*Shipments destined to remote rural areas may be subject to a Delivery Area Surcharge
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