BendPak’s Patriot and V-MAX Air Compressors - Now Made in USA

Do you have plenty of air? To the rest of the world that means something different than it does to those of us who work on cars. But if you count on air tools to solve mechanical challenges, you understand. When you need air tools to remove control arms, wheels, changing an exhaust manifold, or running a cut-off wheel, there isn’t really time to keep waiting for an air compressor to go back over 100 psi. As basic as it sounds, you need air when you need it. That is exactly what BendPak’s Air Compressors are built for.

BendPak Air Compressors are now Made in the USA and always ready to supply all the air you need. This means that they are produced with the same great materials and precision as those tools are that you got from your dad. With a Made-in-the-USA BendPak air compressor set up in your garage, you can tell your dad cool stories.

Beneath the paint and decals on a BendPak Air Compressor you will find engineering features like larger pistons for robust air pumping that at the same time, run at lower speeds for reduced wear. This also means less heat and therefore less opportunity for the compressor to produce in-line moisture. Depending on the compressor you select, power levels are available from 5.0 to 10.0 horsepower. Air tank sizes come in 80 to 120 gallon volumes, much larger than the 20 or 26 gallon jobs from many import tool stores. Long-lasting made in USA construction is the theme throughout the BendPak Air Compressor line. The rugged design incorporates cast iron pumps that are more stable under heavy operation as compared to aluminum castings with pressed-in cylinder sleeves. Tubing is manufactured from corrosion-resistant materials for long life in all environments. A beefy ductile iron crankshaft is installed to offer extra strength and longer life. And the flywheel and the crankshaft are balanced for accurate, vibration-free rotational operation.

The upright design of a BendPak Air Compressor is also designed with your work in mind. A BendPak Air Compressor’s vertical orientation allows you to keep more floor space beneath it after installation. This vertical orientation allows the air compressor to be placed in corners or along walls, netting a smaller footprint than a horizontal orientation. This not only frees up more floor space, but it also makes it easier to clean below the compressor. That can be a timesaver when it is time to find and retrieve dropped tools or parts. There is nothing like having to look for your only 8mm socket that has disappeared under a large amount of dust and debris. BendPak series of air compressors are designed for your busy work days. With all of BendPak’s air compressors, you will find this attention to detail and operational access means a high volume of good air pressure each time you need it.

BendPak Patriot and V-MAX Elite 4 popular Air Compressors are Made in the USA, and offered in the following models.

    Are you looking for an affordable air compressor that can keep pace with your home garage or shop? BendPak’s TSP-580V-601, Patriot Air Compressor is a useful addition to many work areas, as it is built to provide up to 175 psi air pressure via a low-rpm running sturdy air pump. Integrated pressure unloader valves are built into the intake valve assembly on the compressor head, reducing internal pump heat from initial start‐up compression. That plus the low rpm operation are both designed to allow the unit to last longer, run quieter, run cooler and cost less in electricity to operate. BendPak’s Patriot TSP-580V-601 air compressors have the important features you want. Here are just some of the reasons why the Patriot TSP-580V-601 is one of BendPak’s most popular air compressors:

  • The Patriot TSP-580V-601 Air Compressor is Made in the USA.
  • The Patriot TSP-580V-601 Air Compressor is made with long-lasting hardy components.
  • The Patriot TSP-580V-601 Air Compressor is BendPak’s most affordable air compressor.
  • The Patriot TSP-580V-601 Air Compressor is versatile.
  • The Patriot TSP-580V-601 Air Compressor supplies a huge volume of air pressure all day long with its well-engineered and high-quality design.

Examine BendPak’s Patriot TSP-580V-601 closer and you will find that the large vertical tank stores 80 gallons of air pressure supplied via a 5 horsepower motor. The solid 100% cast iron pump provides the quality and performance needed for repeated‐use applications. This means relentless jobs like automotive and body repairs to manufacturing and industrial service.

    BendPak’s TSP-580V-601 Patriot Air Compressor, Features:

  • Pneumatic air produced via a two-stage, twin-piston hydraulic (splash lubricated) pump
  • Built-in inter-cooler and air-cooled after-cooler, chill the air to reduce heat and decrease condensation moisture.
  • Dual drive belts for less load on pump bearings, extends belt life, and low vibration
  • Magnetic starter provides thermal overload protection and minimizes start loads providing long life
  • Thick Anti-vibration pads included
  • Rugged cast iron oil reservoir has easy-to-check, sight gauge glass, large oil drain and fill cap
  • Oversize replaceable air filter
  • Precision balanced flywheel has forced‐air, fan blades for optimum compressor cooling and extended operation
  • Corrosion resistant tubing for coolers, separators and valves for extended life

    BendPak’s TSP-580V-601 Patriot Air Compressor Specifications:

  • Motor 5 HP
  • Voltage 208-230 Volt AC
  • Amp Draw 24
  • Pump Style 2-Stage/2-Piston/Vertical
  • CFM: 17 CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute)
  • Maximum pressure is regulated to 175 PSI
  • Pump Type: Two-Stage
  • Oil lubricated
  • Certification: UL, CSA, ASME

BendPak’s V-Max Patriot 7580V-601 air compressor brings more power to the party, with a stronger 7.5 horsepower motor. The V-Max Patriot 2-Stage/V-4’s pump makes this larger power possible with a 4-cylinder configuration instead of the 2-piston that the TSP-580V-601 Patriot uses. As with all Patriot air compressors, BendPak’s V-Max 7580V-601 is made in the USA and features an 80-gallon air tank.

    Check out these features and benefits:

  • Made in the USA
  • Cast-iron V-Max Patriot pump features simple splash lubrication for total reliability and a "V-4" finned 4 cylinder configuration that provides widespread cooling
  • Two-stage, V4 provides up to 175 psi air pressure via a low-rpm running sturdy air pump
  • Two compression rings and one oil control ring provide excellent oil control and high-efficiency air delivery
  • Rugged cast iron oil reservoir with easy oil drain and handy fill cap

But there is more. BendPak’s V-Max Patriot 7580V-601 delivers a larger volume of air per minute into the 80-gallon air tank. Our engineering gurus rank this volume in terms of CFM. That stands for Cubic Feet per Minute. In the case of this 7.5 horsepower V-Max Patriot 7580V-601, the air volume is 26 CFM. Which is significantly larger than the more affordable 5 horsepower Patriot TSP-580V-601 that delivers 17 CFM. This extra dose of V-Max Patriot 7580V-601 air is important. That is because if your shop tends to run on the busier side, this compressor with its larger CFM capability can replenish the air in the tank quicker.

    BendPak V-Max Patriot 7580V-601 Air Compressor, Features:

  • Integrated pressure unloader valves are built into the intake valve assembly on the compressor head, reducing internal pump heat from initial start-up compression
  • Pressure switch monitors the air pressure in the Tank and turns off the Motor when the pressure reaches 175 psi.
  • UL, CSA, ASME certified
  • Cast-iron pump and heads are more stable under heavy workloads and do not warp from heat like aluminum cylinders with pressed-in sleeves
  • Anti-vibration pads included- four rugged, half-inch thick pads to ensure there's virtually no machine vibration during use. These elastomer pads resist compression set and fluids.
  • Large surface area and cooling fins on cylinders and forced-air after-cooler provide efficient heat dissipation for lower operating temperatures and dryer air. Air compressor runs cooler, oil life is extended and maintenance is reduced
  • Tapered roller main bearings provide full contact and support of the crankshaft, and needle-type piston pin bearings properly distribute bearing loads
  • Precision balanced flywheel has forced-air fan blades for optimum compressor cooling and life
  • Corrosion-resistant tubing for coolers, separators and valves for longer life and reduced maintenance
  • Pressure gauge with service valve

    BendPak V-Max Patriot 7580V-601 Air Compressor, Specifications:

  • Motor 7.5 Horsepower
  • RPM: 1,750 RPM
  • Voltage: 208-230 Volt AC
  • Phase: 1-Phase
  • Amp Draw: 32
  • Pump Style: Two-Stage/V-4
  • Pump Style: Two-Stage/V-4
  • Max PSI: 175 PSI
  • Oil lubricated