Sticker Shock

Sticker Shock is a Discovery Channel program that's sure to excite lovers of car shows, as well as auction-style/appraisal shows. If you watch History Channel's Pawn Stars, A&E's Storage Wars and/or the Barrett-Jackson car auction, Discovery might just have your number. In fact, Sticker Shock is kind of like all three of those shows rolled into one. Contestants bring their classic cars in for appraisal, at which time host Dennis Pittsenbarger, accompanied by expert appraisers Randy Carlson, Addison Brown, Nick Smith and Todd Wertman, will try to find out the value of the car. Expect to see more than a pinch of drama, as the stakes are going to get high for these personal cars worth untold thousands.

According to the Variety article that first broke the news:

[Appraisers] will investigate the history and condition of a wide range of vehicles to determine their true value… The show will also unveil the history and memories of the cars…

Viewers are in for a surprise each week; these unscripted series always land some exciting moments, because anything could happen. If you love rare and underappreciated cars, you'll see vehicles such as the Ford Falcon Cayuse, one of only two models ever made. It can be seen in the series' very first episode. Tune in to find out how much the team of experts think it's worth!

BendPak car lifts will be used as a tool in the appraisal process. A four-post structure is useful for this purpose because it safely raises these classic beauties, so the judges can see the undercarriage for imperfections, rust, original parts, etc. We're proud that BendPak was chosen to be on the show, but we're not surprised. Classic vehicles are finicky and a bit more delicate when it comes to lifting them. They have long wheelbases, low-profile chassis and can be heavier than you might expect. It takes a strong lift to make you feel safe—especially on primetime TV—and there's nothing safer or more reliable than a BendPak.

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