Old BendPak Car Lifts Spotted at Willow Springs Raceway


Here at BendPak, a lot of us put as much love into our own vehicles as we do into the BendPak car lifts we make. And there’s nothing like seeing all that love and tender care pay off during a hard day on the track. One of our own intrepid BendPak team went down to Willow Springs Raceway in Rosamond this past weekend for a particularly pulse-pounding Memorial Day. When he wasn’t racing around like a deranged madman on his Suzuki Bandit 1200S, he also happened to snag some photos of a couple of really old BendPak car lifts, long out of production.

Motorcycle in front of sign that says Toyota Welcomes You To Willow Springs Raceway

But the good news is that those BendPak car lifts, however many years it’s been since they were brand new, all still lift like the champs they were designed to be. In fact, the one BendPak car lift that’s actually located on site at Willow Springs was just recently purchased used by the owner. It’s for that very reason that we put everything we have into every single car lift we make, regardless of type, year or model. As for the ancient, rusted race cars that also appear in the pictures below…not so much.

Willow Springs Fastest Road in the West!Willow Springs BendPakThis is why your mom always told you not to excessively drift.Ol' Rusty. Also known as number 29.The Clampets really drove this one into the ground.This is probably an old BP-12 or BP-18 four-post car lift. Still works!This old BP model BendPak car lift is located at Willow Springs RacewayLooks like this little RC car wants to get in on the action too!

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