Triple Level Lifts for West Coast Customs


Triple Level Lifts for West Coast Customs

When we came out with the HD-973P tri-level parking lift, we knew we were onto something. With a relatively low overall height compared to other triple-stackers, as well as independently operated lifting platforms, nothing else can really compare. If you need to stack lots of vehicles in as little space as possible, you can’t do better than this lift. People took notice. Among those noticing was West Coast Customs, one of the most well-known body shops in the country. They quickly scooped up three of these bad boys (hence the “triple-triple” title of this article).

BendPak HD-973P installed at West Coast Customs

Why This Lift?

There are many ways to park three vehicles in a small space. If your ceiling height is limited but floor space is not, we offer the PL-6KT parking lift, which like the HD-973P features independently operated platforms. The difference is that the PL-6KT takes up three parking spaces, whereas the HD-973P only takes up one. It just needs a high ceiling to fit. Plus, unlike other triple-high lifts, it doesn’t feature obstructing pieces at the top that take up extra space.

BendPak Engineering

This is not some wholesale, “discount” lift with our label slapped on it. BendPak car lifts are proudly designed and engineered in-house at our Southern California headquarters. That means the engineering, quality assurance testing and analysis are all conducted in cooperation with multiple BendPak departments. There’s no detail that goes unaccounted for. When we decide to make a revolutionary lift like the HD-973P, we really go all out.

Why West Coast Customs?

If you’ve seen the West Coast Customs TV show, you know that a lot of cars move in and out of their building. They’re famous workhorses that do bang-up jobs on custom vehicles for regular folks and celebrities alike. As you can imagine, space gets tight. Some long-term project cars can be put away for storage, while quick turnaround jobs need to stay on the floor. A triple-stacking lift with independent platforms lets them keep the storage vehicle up high, while the bottom two can be rotated out quickly.

Three HD-973P parking lifts being professionally installed
Three HD-973P parking lifts being professionally installed

This lift is a massive timesaver, and it’s all thanks to those platforms. Other lifts operate on a single “chain” of vehicles, which means the lifting height of each platform is fixed. This makes it difficult to park vehicles of different sizes. The HD-973P eliminates this problem for West Coast Customs, and it will eliminate it for you too. If you need a truck on top, a Corvette in the middle and another truck at the bottom level, the lift can be adjusted accordingly.

Other Applications

Body shops represent just one application for this lift, but there are many. Dealers can increase floor space, indoors or outdoors, with triple-stacking lifts that catch the eye of people passing in the distance and act as a solution for cramped inventory. Collectors will also benefit, as keeping your precious vehicles up in the air ensures they stay out of harm’s way.

If you have the overhead space in your shop or garage along with too many vehicles to fit side-by-side, you need this lift. Professional installers make it a worry-free situation, and of course, you’re always backed by BendPak’s industry-leading warranty on parts and labor.

Parking lift solution from BendPak

HD-973P parking lift solution

Lowered HD-973P parking lift

Best three level parking lift from BendPak

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