Top Tips and Tricks to Combat the Pending Hot Summer


Summers can be hard on your garage and your car, and also your soul. With the rising temperatures lurking just around the corner you’re going to need to find some innovative ways to stay cool. Here are some tips and tricks to help keep your garage and car as cool as you are.

Insulate, Hydrate and Oscillate

Keeping your garage cool in the summer isn’t only difficult, but it can also be expensive. Running A/C in your garage all day isn’t an option for most large shops and home garages. How can you keep your workers from that sweltering heat without breaking the bank? Most people use airflow and fans to try and combat the heat wave. But if the air outside is just as hot, if not hotter than the air inside, keeping your doors open and fans running might be doing more harm than good.

Swamp coolers are the most cost-efficient way to keep your shop’s air fresh and cool. The CB-30 Cool Boss™ swamp cooler, pulls in hot air through the back and cools it instantly using an evaporative media that reduces the temperature by as much as 26°F. The Cool Boss’s oscillating swing-louvers push the air out in all directions, cooling down every corner of your shop at once. Not only does it cool it down, but the Cool Boss features a negative air ionizer that cleans the air as well, improving the overall air quality of your shop.


Insulating your garage may help you regulate the temperature inside your garage and keep the hot air from getting in and the cool air from getting out. Though it can be costly, and it isn’t necessarily a quick and easy fix, insulation should always be a consideration when building a home garage or shop.


Hydrating is also important during hot summer days. Not only for you and your workers but also for your shop. Sounds strange, doesn’t it? But sprinkling cool water on the roof of your garage or shop can cool your garage by as much as 10-15°F.

Though you may have to do this repeatedly because as we all (hopefully) know, water does evaporate in the sun, and it evaporates especially fast in the HOT sun.

Car Shade

Car shades are a classic way to keep the sun from heating up your car like a toaster oven. But they aren’t always as effective as parking your car in a nice shady spot under a tree. The trouble is, when a hot summer comes around there never seems to be any shade in sight. Car tents are an interesting way to bring shade with you wherever you go. These expandable canopies keep your entire car cool while it’s parked, so you don’t have to worry about leaving your car alone in the sun.

CoolCharge Your Car

No matter how cool your car looks, if it’s hot and sticky during the summer no one is going to want to ride in it. Including you. Some people have gone the extra mile to keep their car cool in high temperatures. The picture to the right shows a very drastic measure that we definitely don’t recommend.

But if you really want to keep your car cool the answer is fairly simple. Air-Conditioning! While you can’t always run A/C in your garage, it is relatively inexpensive to blast the A/C every time you hop in the car. However, over time your A/C refrigerant can become contaminated and (especially on older cars) leak out. The AC-134 CoolCharge machine from Ranger is the answer! The CoolCharge recovers, recycles and recharges your A/C giving you a stronger, cooler airflow in your vehicle. And the best part is that all you have to do is set it up and walk away. The machine handles everything else as it filters, tops off and recharges your A/C refrigerant at the press of a button.

Keep Cool and Work on

And if all else fails, try putting up some cool things in your garage. Some cool posters, or maybe some cool gas pumps and signs? Even a cool car can go a long way towards keeping your garage looking cool no matter what the temperature is inside!

Forever Cool

Using these tips and tricks you can keep your cool during the summer knowing that your shop and cars are going to be just fine. And if you want to prepare even more you can combine all of these tips at once.

Through a combination of insulation, watering your roof, and buying the Cool Boss swamp cooler, your shop or garage will be the perfect environment for hard work. And with a car tent to shade your car, and an AC-134 CoolCharge machine to recharge and recycle your car’s A/C, you can drive off into the sunset without a care in the world.

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