Street Chopper Magazine Editor Loves His BendPak


Over the weekend, Street Chopper Magazine editor Jeff G. Holt sent us over a couple of pictures featuring his BendPak HD-9 Four-Post Car Lift and BendPak Air Compressor, along with a few kind words to let us know how much he loves them. Or, more specifically, how much he loves the “luxury of having a full-service poolside shop located right in the backyard.”

Two cars parked on BendPak four-post lift
Perfect car lift for vehicles from all eras!

Some of the recent automotive projects where his BendPak equipment has proven useful include airbagging his 1968 Ford F-100 pickup, replacing the transmission on his ’59 T-Bird and restoring his ’54 Ford Truck. No matter what he’s working on, Jeff tells us that he chooses BendPak to do the job right.

“I love the ease of being able to work on my cars with the HD-9. And whether I am using air tools, painting or plasma cutting, the LS580V compressor handles the business with ease,” says Jeff.

The spring issue of Street Chopper is out now, so go out and pick yourself up a copy. And make sure to look for more updates from Jeff’s two and four wheeled projects in the near future. Until then, don’t miss these pictures of Jeff’s setup. It’s one of the few outdoor installations that we’ve seen in a while.

Lower parked vehicle under BendPak car lift BendPak label facing out on raised car lift

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