Introducing the RL-8500XLT Brake Lathe by Ranger


The new RL-8500XLT extended capacity brake lathe from Ranger

If you’ve browsed the wheel service section of the site within the last 24 hours, you may have already stumbled upon today’s big news. BendPak is very proud to present our newest Ranger product–the brand new, redesigned RL-8500XLT Heavy-Duty Combination Brake Lathe.

What can this baby do? On the surface it looks and acts very similar to the RL-8500 Combination Brake Lathe: the same great, time-tested design; super-duty construction; unsurpassed safety features and conveniences to help you get the job done faster than your competition; infinitely variable speeds and the accuracy to form perfect cuts on the first pass.

But the real big news on this brake lathing machine is the extended capacity spindle. The RL-8500XLT brake lathe is capable of handling brake drums that are up to a massive 10 inches deep! Now there isn’t a brake drum in the world that can’t be trued and refinished to perfection by the incredible Ranger RL-8500XLT Heavy-Duty Brake Lathe from Ranger.

Make sure to check out the in-depth look at this finely-tuned precision instrument on the RL-8500XLT Heavy-Duty Combination Brake Lathe page. And as always, stay tuned to the BendPak blog for all your product updates.

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