Remembering Ken Block


The world of motorsports has experienced a major loss with the recent passing of Ken Block. Starting his rally career back in 2005, he quickly rose the ranks. Win after win, medal after medal, Ken Block demonstrated his tremendous skill. In 2010, Block formed the Monster World Rally Team. He then signed with Ford to realize his dream of competing in the World Rally Championship. Only four people have ever scored points in the WRC. Ken Block is one of them.

Ken Block wasn’t just an amazing driver. He was a marketing genius. His Gymkhana series of videos became a global phenomenon. By combining his talents, he was able to rack over 500 million views.

But more than all of that, he was a husband and a father. He will be missed.

BendPak has long partnered with The Hoonigan team because we share their feelings on how important it is to remember just how fun this lifestyle can be. Whether it’s drifting or burnouts, the Hoonigan team is always having a good time. Ken Block and the rest of the Hoonigan team had a mission to “Just Make Cars Fun”.

They’ve succeeded.

Rest in Peace Ken

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