R26FLT Heavy-Duty Truck Tire Changer Demo


We just wrapped filming a new demo video to show off the functions of our newest heavy-duty truck tire changer, the R26FLT from Ranger.

Part of Ranger R26FLT tire changer
Ranger R26FLT tire changer

This beefy tire changer turns the tire changing process into a beautifully simple task. Designed specifically for heavy duty truck tires that can weigh upwards of 200 lbs. each, our new tire changer is able to overpower all obstacles and control every aspect of the process with grace and ease.

The R26FLT tire changer is equipped with a portable control tower that includes a separate module for each function on the machine. There are two joysticks, one that controls the bead breaking tool on a horizontal axis plus the tire arm height on a vertical axis and another that opens and closes the jaw clamps. On the bottom, there is a foot pedal that rotates the tire arm either left or right, while the top button (the big red one) turns the machine on and off.

As you can imagine, we ended up mounting and demounting these tires about twenty times, so the lube that comes standard with each changer came in handy. The R26FLT also comes with a huge pry bar, but we never had cause to use it.

The whole thing took us about two days to film. Currently the video is being edited in post-production, but we’ll post it as soon as it’s ready. Until then, check out these production photos on the official BendPak Flickr page.

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  1. jim fodge writes:

    I just got my r26flt tire changer my one question is how do you know how deep do you set the black roll on the rim to remove or install will the new vido have voice instructions on

    thank you
    cell 585 734 8701

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