She Really Put QuickJack on a Four-Post Lift?


The low rumble of a Ford® Mustang Shelby GT350. A dedicated wrencher perfecting her craft in front of the world. Oh, those carbon fiber mods! The heart-pounding resonator delete! The electrifying WHOOSH of a fresh cold air intake! If any of that sounds remotely appealing to you, then you need to check out the YouTube channel Woman.Driven. There’s nothing quite like discovering another talented vlogger, and Doris sets herself apart in a big way. Not only is she one of the first women to trail-blaze the car vlogger scene, she’s an absolutely awesome gearhead.

Car on BendPak four-post lift, using QuickJack portable car lift to get wheels off ground
Doris put a QuickJack on her BendPak home garage lift. Nice!

Knowledgeable mechanics are always quick to share specs on their work, but Doris doesn’t just discuss her new parts and mods. She walks you through each job in so much detail, you could practically follow along while doing the job from home. In order to introduce you to Doris, if you’re not already acquainted, we’ll walk you through her three-phase garage transformation. Her story goes to show that hard work pays off.

Phase 1: Get a QuickJack Portable Car Lift

Doris is no stranger to us at BendPak. It all started months ago when she started her channel with QuickJack as her preferred car lift. QuickJack, as you may already know, is a BendPak / Ranger product. Sure, many influencers use it for their precious car projects, but this was the first channel we found that started with the tech using QuickJack. We were excited and curious. We reached out, and she happily let our QuickJack team interview her about her upcoming goals and projects. One such project is documented in the video below.

Phase 2: Add a BendPak Four-Post Car Lift

That wraps up phase one of Doris’s garage transformation. Phase 2? Get a BendPak four-post lift. After doing her research and taking measurements of her garage, Doris decided the BendPak HD-7W was right for her. We quickly set her up with the lift, as well as a few necessary accessories (oil drip pans, mobile caster kit and extended-length aluminum ramps). Approximately one week later, she unveiled her brand new home car lift to the world.

Her review of the lift is simply phenomenal, and it works as both entertainment and buyer’s introduction. If you’ve ever wanted to see a BendPak car lift in action, or find out what it’s like to purchase, install and operate a four-post lift, her installation video is a great place to start.

Phase 3: Combine Previous Steps

And that brings us to the final phase of our program, in which Doris uses QuickJack as a replacement for four-post bridge jacks on her new home lift. This is perhaps the most unusual aspect of her setup. (We only know of one other person to do this and film it.) While it’s an uncommon thing to do, QuickJack’s generous footprint distributes the vehicle weight across a wide surface area, making this a safe course of action. In fact, the vehicle’s weight is distributed across a greater surface area than it would be if the wheels were planted on the lift.

In case you’re still worried about safety: Most BendPak four-post lifts are ALI Certified, so all lifting components (from the columns to the runways to the cables to the screws) are third-party tested and approved to effortlessly handle three times more than the lift’s rated capacity. With proper care, over-stressing an ALI certified lift is extremely difficult.

Furthermore, if you already own QuickJack, this is a very cost-effective wheel service solution. We should say, however, that bridge jacks may be preferred for some lifters. Rolling bridge jacks are the official wheel-lifting tool of four-post lifts. The QuickJack method is safe, but it firmly lives in DIY territory—not something we’d recommend for professional shops and service bays. It’s a little off-script, if you know what we mean.

There’s nothing more we can say that you can’t find out for yourself! We’ll leave you now to explore the rest of the Woman.Driven channel. Go ahead and subscribe to her while you’re at it!

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