PLT-6S Installation Photos and Operation Videos


Thinking about ordering a PLT-6S Parking Lift from BendPak, but wondering exactly what goes into the installation? We took a ride out with our installation crew down the 101 Freeway a few miles to capture exactly what to expect from a home garage PLT-6S Installation. Check out the official BendPak Flickr page to see for yourself.

BendPak PLT-6S car lift with two cars parked
BendPak PLT-6S

The PLT-6S is a tilt-type parking lift with a surprisingly small footprint. This allows parking lot owners and garage gurus alike to take maximum advantage of their available space. This isn’t a work-lift though–if you’re interested in doing a lot of maintenance on your own vehicle, you may want to consider one of our HD-Series four-post car lifts.

However if you just want to convert your two-car into a three-car, you’re really not going to find a better solution.

The adjustable tilt-up design of the top platform gives the user a lot of wiggle room when it comes to the angle of the raised vehicle. For instance, if your garage ceiling comes down lower or has a beam in the way, it’s no trouble to keep the top vehicle nose down in order to avoid interference. Additionally, this allows taller vehicles to still be parked below without increasing the overall size of the parking lift.

The best part is that the PLT-6S keeps your vehicles completely secure with a parking well that uses the car’s own weight to secure the front wheels. And of course, the industrial-strength locking mechanism ensures that everything stays right where you left it.

Check out the PLT-6S product page for more information. You should also watch the videos below to see this parking lift in action.

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