Legacy by Petty – See the Unveiling at Petty’s Upcoming Spring Fling Car Show


UPDATE: For everyone who has been dying to see the amazing Legacy by Petty Dodge Challenger, now might be your chance. announced yesterday that Petty’s Garage will be launching the tribute Challenger at 10:30 AM on May 28, 2011. Click the flyer for full details.

Richard Petty's logo and blue Challenger

What a way to pay tribute to the King, Richard Petty! Petty’s Garage built a commemorative custom Challenger back in December, 2010, as a way to honor the champ. But as an extra kicker, the body features small murals that celebrate key moments in Petty’s career. Finished in the Paint ShopIn essence, the car tells the story of Petty’s professional life, beginning with Petty’s NASCAR Rookie of the Year career start, through his record-setting 200 wins, the seven NASCAR Championships and finally to his more recent work spreading car lift safety awareness. The car has been officially dubbed Legacy by Petty, and it’s a one-of-a-kind Dodge Challenger the likes that will never be seen again.

So what makes this build so unique? Longtime BendPak friends Drop-Top Customs offered their talents to do what they do best—they transformed the classic Dodge Challenger into a fully functional convertible. It turns out that this is the very first convertible to roll out of Petty’s Garage, Richard Petty’s own speed shop for high-performance vehicles.

TheArtist at work - Richard Petty ALI Build base coat on Legacy by Petty is the same trademark Petty Blue color that “The King” made famous on his number ‘43 Superbird. But it’s Petty’s incredible story told by the airbrushed graphics that draws the fans. For that sacred work, airbrush artist Mickey Harris was called on to cover the vehicle with wonderfully detailed images of Petty’s career highlights, including his lap 106 crash in the ’88 Daytona 500 and his Medal of Freedom. Petty is the first motorsports athlete ever to be honored with America’s highest civilian award.

Every rendering was airbrushed freehand by Harris while Petty and an audience looked on during an open-house presentation at Petty’s Garage in Level Cross, North Carolina last November.

Automotive Lift Institute (ALI) president R.W. “Bob” O’Gorman is the car’s owner, planned the customization BendPak Legacy by Pettybuild to celebrate Petty’s long-standing relationship with the institute. Petty and his son, fellow NASCAR legend Kyle Petty, are the hosts of Lifting It Right, an informational DVD produced and distributed by ALI that focuses on car lift safety.

“Automotive lift safety is not just for the service professional,” said Petty at the event, “It’s important in the hobby and collector market too.”

To further cement the relationship between Legacy by Petty and the Automotive Lift Institute, the automobile also feature’s ALI’s website,, beneath each door opening. The website is a resource for shop owners, technicians and the public to learn more about buying and using a vehicle lift safely, whether in a professional shop or at home. Legacy by Petty is currently making appearances across North America, honoring Petty’s career while helping to educate consumers about the importance of buying and using certified vehicle lifts correctly.Richard Petty Legacy Challenger ALI Render

Legacy by Petty is the result of more than 11 months of design and development. Unlike many shops that outsource much of a build, Petty’s Garage does it all in-house, bringing in top professionals for specialized work when needed. Outside experts collaborating on Legacy by Petty’s build include Murray Pfaff for creative input and final design renderings, Drop-Top Customs for a fully functional convertible conversion, and Katzkin for a leather interior that matches The King’s crocodile skin boots.Legacy airbrush paint

For more information about ALI, visit or call (607) 756-7775. For more information about Petty’s Garage, visit or call (336) 498-3745.


About ALI

Founded in 1945, the Automotive Lift Institute (ALI) is a trade association of North American-based lift manufacturers. ALI’s mission is to promote the safe design, construction, installation, service and use of automotive lifts. In 1947, ALI developed the first Commercial Standard covering vehicle lifts published by the National Bureau of Standards. Today ALI sponsors several national lift safety standards and offers a third-party certification program for automotive lifts. More information about lift standards and other ALI-sponsored safety activities, such as the lift Safety Training DVD Lifting It Right hosted by Richard and Kyle Petty, can be found on the Institute’s website,

Legacy by Petty BendPakWorking on Legacy by Petty
Legacy by Petty Removal of the HEMILegacy by Petty in the Paint BoothWorking on the Legacy by Petty HEMI

20 responses to “Legacy by Petty – See the Unveiling at Petty’s Upcoming Spring Fling Car Show”

  1. Kim writes:

    That car is amazing. We saw it at Petty’s Garage and at Drop Top Customs. Congrats to my friend Bob!

  2. c. christopher writes:

    That is one helluva car! Who is the artist? I see two different guys in the photos. Imagine driving that down the street. I want to see it. Is there a schedule of appearances?

  3. CrownVic writes:

    This is gonna be a great looking car. Very nice craftsmanship.

  4. polly writes:

    ok this is my dream car . i bow to the people who worked on this car . it is an amazing piece of art . would love to see it in person .

  5. Charles writes:

    Great job on this Petty tribute project car!

  6. ROBERT writes:

    love the car,what a tribute !!!! he will always be the king !!!! ok,now for the most improtant question,will it be available in a die cast version ????? if not,it should be,and they would sell like hotcakes !!! maybe even a part of the proceeds going to victory junction gang camps,again,wonderful car,and needs to be in a diecast version,for all of nascar to have a little piece of the kings history !!!

  7. The BendPak Team writes:

    Excellent question, Robert. We’d love to see this made into a die cast!

  8. Michael writes:

    A cool tribute to the legendary king, hope they make a diecast model so we can all own a piece of history.AWESOME!!

  9. jeff writes:

    will there be any prints for sale of this awesome car?

  10. Badman the writes:

    A tribute fit for the king of NASCAR Richard Petty, a North Carolina, son he will always be the king of early Nascar!
    The car isn’t bad either I’d take one, are they taking orders yet?

  11. Ryan Althizer writes:

    Awsome graphics! As a Mopar freak I love to see custom variations of the new Challenger, this has to be the best so far. What a great tribute to “The King”! Is it still at the Garage or in the Museum? I only live 30 miles away and would love to see it sometime.

  12. Automotive Lift Institute writes:

    KIM – Your family has followed this project since the concept came to life! It has been great for our staff and our friends to get to know you, Bill and the boys! We hope to see you all at the event we pick to roll out the completed project….stay tuned, we should know a date within the next few weeks!

    C.CHRISTOPHER – The artist is Mr. Mickey Harris. He is the same artist that was commissioned by GM to bring “America’s Pride Camaro” on Youtube. Mr. Harris will be presenting this vehicle to the Pentagon in early May – the car depicts the America’s War’s and those Key in our history. Mr. Harris can be seen in the photo embedded within the story – his back is to the crowd.
    The gent with the beard is a “stunt double” (just kidding). Without Mickey knowing, every time he took a break, we sat someone in his chair and shot some photos….he never knew until days later after more than 156 hours of work had been put forth on this project!!!


    CROWNVIC/CHARLES – Thank You, TO ALL – please visit the AUTOMOTIVE LIFT INSTITUTE on FB and like us – share with your friends too please. The 100th person to “like” our FB page will recieve a Lift Safety DVD KIT hosted by The King and his son (Kyle) and they will also recieve a copy of the poster within this blog!!

    POLLY – NO BOWING ALLOWED – Thanks…you make us blush!!! Not one bolt has been left unturned. Once we have rolled LEGACY out publically, we will work with our member companies (such as BendPak) to bring forth some of the very extreme and intricate details that make this likely the most over the top – modern day Challenger build to date!

    ROBERT/MICHAEL/BENDPAK’s TEAM – The Hotwheels Division of Mattel is right there in LA….we too would love to see such an idea come to fruition! If it were to happen, you’d have to post up on ALI’s FB page to call us on this blog – since we all agree on this point, the three of you would get one on ALI just because you dared utter the concept publically!!!!

    JEFF – Prints of the Electronic Rendering (produced under contract by Murray Pfaff) have been limited to 2,000 copies. Those attending the open house at Petty’s Garage and those purchasing a copy of ALI’s Lift Safety DVD Kit recieve or have recieved a complimentary copy. Each Member Company also recieved 100 to distribute…Although no plans have been made to produce posters of the completed project, if the demand is there, we might entertain giving them away when on display. Let us or an ALI MEMBER COMPANY know what you think about that idea OR if collecting money, maybe we recoup our costs and donate the rest to The Petty Family Foundation?!

    BADMAN – Contact Greg Steadman at Petty’s Garage (see the story above for the web address). Whereas I am not sure about an offering of LEGACY BY PETTY, I can confirm that KING RICHARD’S LIMITED EDITION SIGNATURE SERIES (43 Cars Total) are available NOW with less than 20 left – These cars are underpriced and are not being mass produced like the Shelby Cars. They are SUPERCHARGED and worth the look – let them know you saw the BENDPAK BLOG and that the AUTOMOTIVE LIFT INSTITUTE SENT YOU!

    RYAN – NO GRAPHICS – 100% Free hand Airbrushing between the clear coats!! The artist had 9 months to prepare. With 31 years of teaching this art he is likely second only to Mike Lavalle! Mickey arrived early in Level Cross and after walking those historic grounds with King Richard and meeting with members of the family and the Championship Pit Crew Teams, he went to work in front of a watching public and hundreds of never seen before photos. The rendering and the unfinished car simply do not do justice to what will soon be the finished tribute car!

    LEGACY BY PETTY will maintain a stable at Petty’s Garage – although not on display publically yet Ryan, keep tuned to our FB page or to this Blog and open house and display information will follow in the coming weeks.

    WE HAVE A PRETTY FULL SCHEDULE ALREADY FOR THE SUMMER AND THE FALL – WE HAVE YET TO MAKE A DECISION ON SEMA BUT THERE IS STILL TIME AT THIS POINT. LEGACY WILL BE ON DISPLAY WITH RICHARD’s PERSONAL CAR (#001 of the Signature Series) and with Ricky Ellison’s #1 HEMI drag car – check out Automotive Lift Institute on FB to catch the schedule and check back on race weekends for pass times.

    Thanks to Jeff and his team for the opportunity to respond – thanks for your encouragement and your support – if you have an automotive lift, please remember to LIFT IT RIGHT!!

  13. John Canton writes:

    Great tribute to the King of stock car racing. Awesome job guys

  14. Vinny writes:

    Nice job guy’s for a great guy

  15. Bobby Padgett writes:

    A drop top and in Petty Blue. Dodge is a fool for not making this a regular production car. I’d leave my love for the Camaro ragtop to own this is a second. Too bad RPM is running Fords now.

  16. Chris Archondous writes:

    This is great to see… can you please do more write ups and pictures as the build continues. He earned it, thanks for doing this!

  17. Automotive Lift Institute writes:

    Mopar Collector’s Guide – April 2010 Cover!

    Project Completion is scheduled for May – you ready for it?!

  18. Rev.Robert Abramson writes:

    A fitting tribute to the king of stock car racing.

  19. danny writes:

    Come on – we need to see this car as a diecast. I just saw this thing proudly on display at the new Petty museum! A diecast would make tons of money for the camp!

  20. Connor Wilson writes:

    I saw this on display at Good guys in California. Automotive Lift Institute was well represented by Richard Pettys people. It should go back on tour as its the best damn car I ever saw them put on display! Photos do not do this piece justice.

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