Leepu & Pitbull Join BendPak


BendPak has been proudly outfitting the finest automotive talent on TV since, well, they started making reality television shows starring fine automotive talent. Our latest partner in automotive mayhem and make-right is History Channel’s new hit series, Leepu & Pitbull.

Leepu & Pitbull
Leepu & Pitbull

The show follows the weekly exploits of the two titular craftsmen as they take seemingly worthless materials and transform them into customized super cars.

Nizamuddin “Leepu” Awlia is a Bangladesh native who began customizing and restoring cars in his native India. He first became enamored with all things vehicular when his father took him to a car show in Saudi Arabia when he was 16. He garnered fame for such creations as the Leepu-mobile, the Leemo-bil, and the Angel Car. This is not his first TV show. Leepu also starred in Chop Shop: London and Bangla Bangers. Uniquely, Leepu isn’t too big on drawing or writing any of his own designs. Instead he finds inspiration in his materials and just dives in with two hands, beating and cutting sheet metal into spectacular submission.

Steve Tromboli, or as he’s better known, Steve Pitbull is the other half of the dynamic duo and has been working in shops and garages since his teens. A gifted mechanic, Pitbull was able to turn his passion for fast cars and powerful engines into a thriving business after only a few short years. His other passion is turning old junk into brand new gold, which lucky viewers can witness weekly.

If you’re not tuning in, you’re missing out. Make sure you check out Leepu & Pitbull on History Channel. Or watch episodes online right now!


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