Jay Leno’s Garage Opens Doors, Jalopnik Gets Tour


By now, we’re sure it’s pretty obvious that we have a deep, abiding affection for Jay Leno. Aside from being a great entertainer, the man has a vast collection of drool-worthy vehicles that he not only drives and admires, but he also puts his own hands to work on. He also owns a veritable armada of BendPak car lifts.

Jay Leno between BendPak car lift posts
Take a peek inside Jay Leno’s Big Dog garage!

So when we saw that auto-blog Jalopnik got to take the grand tour inside of Jay Leno’s Big Dog Garage, we were pretty jealous. But since they were kind enough to make their treasure trove of pictures from within those hallowed halls available to everyone via the internet, we can’t help but smile.

Check out the 4-post BendPak car lift in picture #36!

2 responses to “Jay Leno’s Garage Opens Doors, Jalopnik Gets Tour”

  1. Ambassador Charles Linder FLOYD writes:

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  2. Max Glassburg writes:

    Hi Charles,

    The BendPak blog is not affiliated with, sponsored by, or endorsed by NBC, Jay Leno, or either member’s associates.

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