How to Maximize Parking Space


If you’ve ever been in a busy city, or even just a busy parking lot, you’re sure to have noticed how important parking real estate has recently become. As the world continues to expand, there has become an ever-increasing demand for reasonably-priced parking solutions. These solutions are often costly and end up costing more money than they make. More importantly, it means we will continue to spend more and more time driving around in circles looking for parking when the answer is right in front of us… or should we say right above?

The Struggle

It isn’t just about the struggle to find parking. Airports, shopping centers, apartment complexes and other private parking facilities are in a constant struggle to find and add more space. But adding real estate is costly, and in busy cities that desperately need the additional parking space, it is also difficult to find! In fact, some (one car) parking spaces in New York and Hong Kong have sold for over $700,000 because of their convenient location. And some parking spots in New York have even been priced at one million US dollars for just 200 sq. ft. of space!

If cheap solutions to parking aren’t found, these won’t be the only valuable parking spaces that you’ll see. As air travel becomes increasingly ingrained in modern society, airports have continued to see a staggering increase in the number of passengers that fly every year. Paid airport parking for those leaving their cars behind has continued to rise right alongside this explosive growth. What will happen when one day the only spots available are as expensive or more expensive than the plane tickets themselves?


No matter why they need extra space—whether for parking or even displaying vehicles at dealerships and museums—the solution has always been the addition of real estate. But building outwards is costly and unsustainable. You can only grow so much, and ANY expensive parking solution is going to take years to pay for itself.

To sustain your business you shouldn’t continue just doing “what has always been done,” and instead look for innovative and versatile solutions that will pay for themselves almost immediately! So what are these solutions that maximize your parking space, without spending a fortune in building additional real estate?

Going Up!

Parking lifts are currently the most cost-effective solution to this growing problem. Instead of expanding your real estate outward, why not get the most out of the parking spaces you already have? Parking lifts—like BendPak’s HD-973P four-post lift—allow you to get more bang for your buck by parking up to three vehicles in a single parking space! Not only does this triple your parking capacity, but it has that sleek modern look that will surely impress your customers. Or, for that matter, pretty much anyone who happens to pass by and see them.

Is your parking facility going to have a lot more in-and-out traffic? The Autostacker parking lift is the ideal lift for increasing your capacity and improving the look of your facility with the latest in lift technology. Large parking facilities like “Park and Zoom” in Austin, Texas are beginning to see the advantage of doubling their parking lot capacity with Autostacker and the potential that parking lifts like this can bring to their business. Its compact and advanced design allows it to fit perfectly in any standard-sized parking space, and gives you the room you need to increase your square-footage all at the press of a button! With its scissor lift design coupled with the low-profile, galvanized platform, this weather-proof parking lift is paving the way to the future… and doing it in style.

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