One VERY Happy BendPak HD-9ST Four-Post Lift Customer


From time to time, we like to spotlight one of our happy BendPak fans in the blog. This time around the honor goes to Mr. Robert Kolsch, who purchased a BendPak four-post car lift for his residential garage back in March. Here’s some of the nice things Robert had to say about BendPak lifts:

I want to thank you and your entire team of experienced installers for assembling my BendPak HD-9ST four post car lift today! It fits in the garage perfectly and allows me to park two cars in the space of one, plus the ability to perform routine maintenance and repairs. Quality work deserves a letter of recommendation…I will send a few photos over the next few days for your reference. Thanks again for the great work!!!

Rob Kolsch's New BendPak HD-9ST Garage
Rob Kolsch’s New BendPak HD-9ST Garage

But his gratitude didn’t stop there. He was so pleased, he wrote us another letter:

I wanted to send a quick e-mail to let you know how happy I am with my BendPak four post car lift! You installed it two months ago and it is working perfectly. It’s nice being able to keep both of my cars in one garage bay! Everyone who sees it can’t believe how sturdy and durable it is. You and your team did a fantastic job! Thanks again!

And then even a THIRD letter to express how happy he was with his BendPak car lift:

My wife is really impressed! My neighbors can’t get over it! I think it’s the best purchase I ever made! My air compressor arrives today…You and your crew did a great job! I will be referring your name to anyone who wants a car lift!

Thanks, Robert. You make us proud to do what we do.

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  1. Robert Kolsch writes:

    Dear BendPak: What a surprise it was for me to see my BendPak lift and cars pictured in your blog! I purchased the white 1986 Buick brand new 27 years ago and the 1987 Olds was purchased by my Mom 26 years ago! Your four post lift allows both of these classics to be stored in my garage and freed up the other bay for the daily family car. I did my research and Bendpak met and exceeded all of my requirements. This would not have been possible without the excellent advice and installation performed by Joe Mendola and his crew at Automotive Equipment Company in North Carolina! Thanks again guys!!!

  2. Bruce writes:

    Nice setup ! What is the ceiling height in that garage ? … I’d like to do same with a gbody and a Camry.

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