BendPak Car Lift Install On “Garage Mahal”


A little over a week ago, we reported on BendPak’s upcoming part in Garage Mahal’s total makeover of one of Car and Driver Magazine’s test garages. So last week one of our intrepid team headed to the frosty northern city of Ann Arbor to oversee the installation of our automotive equipment for the show. (And to take pictures for the blog, of course.) During the visit, he met up with host Bill Goldberg, who turns out to not only be a huge car buff, but also a really personable guy who isn’t afraid at all to get his hands dirty. He was even kind enough to send back a couple of autographed postcards for the rest of the BendPak Team. Thanks for that!

Bill Goldberg pointing at post of BendPak car lift
Bill likes his BendPak


We also want to make sure to give our sincere gratitude to the pair of local BendPak installers who spent their Thursday working hard and setting up the BendPak two-post car lift. As you’ll be able to see from the pictures, they did a really great job with the car lift installation.

Working on this project with Car and Driver, Garage Mahal and Mr. Goldberg has been a fantastic experience for all of us here on the BendPak Team. We were greatly honored to be chosen to have our garage equipment showcased on Garage Mahal and to be a part of Car and Driver Magazine’s continuing legacy of excellent automotive journalism. What’s more, we had fun doing it. Just letting you know right now, we’d be more than happy to participate on something similar with any of these fine folks in the future.

Anyways, you can see all of the installation pictures on the official BendPak / Ranger Flickr page. And as soon as we get word on the air date of the Car and Driver episode of Garage Mahal, you can be sure we’ll post it. Until then, you’ll just have to keep checking the BendPak Blog.

2 responses to “BendPak Car Lift Install On “Garage Mahal””

  1. petter writes:

    Nice post. Just want to ask, how do you come up with the name “garage mahal”? isn’t the word “mahal” is a Filipino word for “LOVe”?

  2. The BendPak Team writes:

    Wrong “mahal.” This one is a play on “Taj Mahal.” =)

    -BendPak Team

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