Drop Top Customs Converts Hardtop Camaros into T-Tops


Jalopnik featured our good friends at Drop Top Customs today in an article about the new Chevrolet Camaro’s conspicuous lack of a T-Top option. As the article states, “They’re ridiculous and sorta vulgar and they leak and rattle, but they’re so damn cool.”

BendPak four-post lift hoisting a car
Drop Top Customs at play

We couldn’t agree more and we’re are happy to see the guys at Drop Top Customs getting the press they deserve for their noble work. They specialize in turning hardtop vehicles into convertibles. Looks like they can add T-Top to their growing list of specialties.

You can read the whole article over on Jalopnik. Oh, and that is definitely a BendPak four-post car lift in the image.

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