Best Two-Post Lift Accessories

Best accessories for two-post lifts


With so many two-post lifts in BendPak’s arsenal, odds are you’ll find the right model to fit the needs of your car and garage. But every project is different, and some shops have specific needs. That’s why BendPak offers a wide variety of two-post lift accessories to adapt your two-post lift to fit any project that comes your way!

Each BendPak accessory is made with the same quality and durability as our lifts, and are over-designed to be both safe, and versatile. With over 13 two-post lift accessories to choose from, you are sure to find everything you need to outfit your shop for optimal efficiency. Finding the accessory depends on the project and lift you are working with, but to help simplify your decision, let’s go over some of our favorite two-post lift accessories.

Biggest Tools for the Baddest Cars

If you’re working on some truly monster-sized vehicles, you need the toughest tools to handle them. That’s why BendPak offers some ultra-rugged, wear resistant accessories that can handle heavy-duty commercial-grade vehicles. But what are the best tools to use for our bulky and durable friends? It depends on your project, but if you’re lifting bigger trucks and SUVs you’ll definitely need a set of our Frame Cradle Pad adapters. Frame Cradle Pads are always a necessity when you’re lifting bigger trucks and SUVs with a square frame as their unique design allows them to cradle the frame to prevent any slippage.

Though you should always have a set of Frame Cradle Pads, some vehicles might require heavy-duty, Wide Frame Cradle Pads. Built to withstand vehicles with wider chassis frames, these tough adapters have a wider channel than normal Frame Cradle Pads and are designed to secure the wider sections on your frame. These sections are at the front where the chassis frame sections converge, so while it might be useful to have more, you’ll only need a set of two for most vehicles!

Wide frame cradle pad accessory

Tuf Pad Adapters for Tough Projects

Along with the heavy-duty construction of our two-post accessories, most BendPak adapters are outfitted with thick, polyurethane Tuf-Pads. These ultra-rugged pads are designed specifically to resist wear, and handle heavy use, making them ideal for two-post lifts that are really put to work. Though Steel Lift Pads are perfect for any shop that sees a heavy rotation of projects, the hardened steel pads can leave scratches on your frame. Lift pads outfitted with our rubber Tuf-Pads protects the undercarriage of your car from getting dinged or scratched, and gives your lift pad an extra-strong grip to help keep your car stable during maintenance. And in case they ever do wear down or get damaged, BendPak offers replacements so you’ll never have to buy another set!

BendPak Two-Post Lift Adapters

Simple, but efficient and useful accessories like our Air/Electric Station attach easily to your two-post lift instantly providing you with four near-by electrical outlets, two air compressor attachments, (one lubricated for use with pneumatic tools, and one for clean air) and the storing space for cords and necessary tools.

No matter what customization your lift requires, BendPak offers durable, safe and quality accessories to fit your specific needs!

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