The Best Car Lift Buyer’s Guide: Finding The Right Car Lift Dealer And Manufacturer


Is it Thursday already? It must be time for another chapter in our ongoing Best Car Lift Buyer’s Guide.

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In this week’s chapter, we’re giving you a straightforward list of traits that good car lift manufacturers and dealers all possess. A great car lift buying experience is much more than just getting the best price. Your car lift dealer or manufacturer should be an essential resource for car lift knowledge, your go-to guy for basic support issues and, most importantly, treat you with respect and honesty. And after-sales support should be on the top of your must-haves list when considering who to purchase from. Without proper service and maintenance, your brand new car lift will age must quicker than it should.

So who can you trust? How can you tell? We’re here to help. Check out our car lift dealers and manufacturers chapter now.

2 responses to “The Best Car Lift Buyer’s Guide: Finding The Right Car Lift Dealer And Manufacturer”

  1. Dennis Wilson writes:

    Looking for a 4 post lift in the 7000-9000# range with am 220v motor, free shipping and the abi9lity to obtainsaid lift in yellow powdercoat.

  2. The BendPak Team writes:

    Hi Dennis! I’ve forwarded your query to the sales manager. Someone should be contacting you very soon. Thank you for the comment.

    -The BendPak Team

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