BendPak’s SEMA 2019 Recap


SEMA has come to a close once again, but this year’s SEMA was better than we could ever have imagined! With our enormous display this year we had a chance to show off some of our most exciting products to date and sell them for some crazy good deals. But in case you missed out, here’s a recap of everything that happened during SEMA 2019.

The Booths!

BendPak showed up to SEMA this year in full force with our top brands in tow. We had both inside and outside booths this year, but our outside booth was the biggest and most advanced setup we’ve ever done! This gave us the room to fill it out with the coolest automotive equipment and lifts on the market. The brands we brought along with us this year were Ranger, Autostacker, GrandPrix, CoolBoss and everyone’s favorite, QuickJack! Of course, standing next to them all were some of our very latest and greatest BendPak lifts!


The Parking Lifts!                  

If you’ve ever been to SEMA or followed our SEMA stories on social media, then you know that this massive annual event is truly a dream come true! Every year there are thousands of amazing builds, famous automotive celebrities and influencers, and the top brands for automotive tools and equipment. Throw all that in with some live drifting right next door and you have everything you need to make gearhead paradise! With so much going on we knew we had to bring our A-game to stand above the rest.

To stand out this year, we brought along one of our premium four-post parking lifts the HD-973P, which towered next to our outdoor booth! Doubling as a storage lift and open-center maintenance lift, this tri-level four-post was a show-stopper and had more than a few mechanics drooling with envy! To display the power of this parking lift we knew we had to have some truly amazing cars; that’s why we brought along a Maserati Levante, a gorgeous Jeep build and a super tricked out Subaru. This made it the perfect companion to the PL-6SR Autostacker parking lift that sat next to it, which displayed just how sleek and versatile Autostacker parking lifts are and carried a beautiful white Corvette.


The Unveiling

But the amazing lifts didn’t stop there. Inside our massive three-part tent we had another BendPak lift, the XPR-10AS-LP our 10,000-lb. asymmetrical two-post lift with low-profile arms added on. Also inside the tent, and unveiled for the first time, was the GP-9F four-post lift, one of the newest four-post lifts in the GrandPrix 9 series! The Chevy truck displayed on top was just the icing on the cake, showing you just how beautiful this lift would look carrying your prized project inside your home garage.

QuickJack Attack!

Once again, QuickJack made a huge splash at this year’s SEMA! With all of QuickJack’s latest accessories and models out on display and on sale, we had to dedicate not only a large portion of our outdoor booth but the entire indoor booth as well! With our very own QuickJack Mustang and a nice Porsche 981 Boxster to help out, we showed just how powerful and stable these portable car lifts can be.



Arguably the best thing about this year’s SEMA was the crazy sales on all of our products! No, seriously, ALL of our products from all of our brands were on sale this year with some of the biggest deals we’ve ever done. From the CoolBoss portable swamp cooler to our biggest four-post parking lifts, there were huge savings for all SEMA attendees.

Missed seeing us this year at SEMA? Here’s a quick recap video with some really amazing cameos like the ‘68 Bullitt originally driven by Steve McQuinn, a quick cameo of Kev Dog from the hit TV show “Bitchin’ Rides,” and of course ample footage of the best booths around, ours! 😉



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