BendPak Visits Gruber Motors


SANTA PAULA, CA (February 1, 2023) – Just a few weeks ago, we sent out our video team along with our New Product Manager, Lee Franklin, over to Gruber Motors to talk about our brand new Mobi-EVS EV4000SL Scissor-Style Lift Table!

What are some of the perks that comes with owning a Mobi-EVS, you ask? Well for one, both models feature an intuitive and compact design. They also come equipped with durable, zero-throw casters that let you effortlessly transport them between bays. Convenience is the name of the game with the EV4000SL. All Mobi-EVS lift tables sport full length utility trays on both sides to provide you with all the storage you need for tools and fasteners. Each model has three safety lock positions to help you find the perfect height to get your work done. Not to mention that there are sixteen recessed mounting anchors in the platform which can accommodate a number of modular fixtures, adapters, and accessories that can be added, repositioned, or removed so you can safely handle engines, transmissions, gas tanks, transaxle assemblies, and more.

Now, I could go on  about how these revolutionary pieces of tech will change the way you perform EV service. I could do that, but I can also show you. Check out this video from when Pete Gruber, CEO of Gruber Motor Company, got his hands on the Mobi-EVS!

We’ve put together a little highlight reel of the Gruber Morning Show Special Episode, and if you like what you see, click here to see the full thing!

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