BendPak Under Attack


About two weeks ago a truck driver backed up into a fire hydrant across the street from our headquarters. At first, it seemed like a simple accident, but here at BendPak we don’t like to assume. We like to know. So we put our team of “BendPaktectives” on the case.

BendPak Explosive Results

It turns out, after extensive research, fingerprinting and  interrogations, our crack team of detectives decided that it very well may have been what we never had expected—just a simple accident.

So, in celebration of our new division, we have decided to post pictures of this fire hydrant exploding. Thankfully, no automotive equipment or car lifts were hurt in the flood.

Water Hydrant Broken in front of BendPakSomeone ran into a fire hydrant
Fire fighters working on broken hydrantFire truck in front of BendPak

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