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Institute (ALI) Lift Inspector Certification Program. ALI invites vehicle lift inspectors to register to be among the first in North America to become Certified Lift Inspectors. Register at

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ALI has developed the new Lift Inspector Certification Program in response to growing demand from businesses that use vehicle lifts, as well as the governmental health and safety organizations that monitor them. Annual vehicle lift inspections conducted by a “qualified automotive lift inspector” are required by the ANSI National Standard covering vehicle lift operation, inspection, and maintenance (ANSI/ALI ALOIM: 2008) and are included by reference in regulations in the United States and Canada. However, until now there have been no national vehicle lift inspection licensing or certification programs.

“Proper vehicle lift certification, installation, and inspection have come under increased scrutiny in recent years by OSHA and other local, state, provincial and federal health and safety officers,” explains R.W. “Bob” O’Gorman, ALI president. “This has resulted in an increase in shops looking for qualified automotive lift inspectors. Without a national certification program in place, vehicle lift inspection companies haven’t been able to offer independent validation that their inspectors are qualified. The Certification Program will provide third-party assurance that a Certified Lift Inspector has been tested and proven competent to thoroughly inspect an installed vehicle lift and report on its suitability for continued use and/or the need for maintenance or repair. We encourage all vehicle lift inspectors to demonstrate their professionalism and differentiate themselves from their competitors by getting certified.”

Anyone with a minimum two years experience as a vehicle lift inspector may apply to participate in the certification program. The program includes extensive printed training materials, a six-hour Participants Orientation workshop, a written pre-course exam, a final course exam, and documented practical experience. After successfully passing the exams, the candidate will receive recognition as an automotive lift inspector certified by ALI, as well as a Certified Lift Inspector patch and other official materials. Companies with a Certified Lift Inspector on staff will be listed in an online directory on the ALI website. The directory will be searchable by ZIP code, to make it easy for cusProgram Kicks off with Event at SEMA Show 2012tomers to find local vehicle lift inspection companies with ALI certified inspectors.

Currently in the pilot program phase, the ALI Lift Inspector Certification Program officially kicks off with an event Oct. 31-Nov. 1 at the 2012 SEMA Show in Las Vegas. Vehicle lift inspectors interested in participating in the first offering are encouraged to come to the orientation meeting and workshop the afternoon of Oct. 31 and all day (six hours) on Nov. 1.

As part of the launch, ALI has reduced the price of the program from $2,000 to $850 for

a limited time. Register by August 15, 2012, to guarantee a place in the premiere group.

“We have been getting requests to join the program for months,” says Dale Soos, ALI senior project engineer. “Now that registration is open, the kick-off event in Las Vegas is filling fast. Those who delay signing up may find they are unable to participate in another workshop until May or June of 2013.”

Lift Inspector Certification Program – Registration Details

Participant Application Initiation Fee & Las Vegas Workshop

One time application initiation fee for organizations seeking to participate in ALI’s Lift Inspector Certification Program.

Non-Refundable Fee Includes: Participant Application, Participation Agreement, Form
for online access to the Inspector Certification Program Manual, binder containing
supporting documents and applicable standards.

Las Vegas workshop registration deadline is August 15, 2012

Fee also includes: Lift Inspector Application for first Candidate, Course Materials for first Candidate, 2013 remaining calendar year of Participant’s Associate Class Membership in ALI (Membership is activated once certification is granted).

NOTE: Purchaser shall receive Participant and Lift Inspector Application Forms along
with a secure Resource Library Access Agreement within 14 working days of order
acceptance. On receipt of completed Applications and Agreement, a Program Participation Agreement shall be sent via UPS.

Participant’s Certification Program binder, online access to the Inspector Certification Program Manual, and first Candidate’s course materials are scheduled to ship from Cortland, NY
immediately following the Participant’s Workshop.

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  1. Charles H Gibson writes:

    I’m just wondering how I go about applying for the Auto Lift inspector.
    I’m an authorized OSHA trainer and currently some on my clients a auto shops. I give safety training, and consult on OSHA inspections. I wanted to expand and do inspections on Lifts.
    Charles Gibson
    Better Workplace LLC.

  2. Max Glassburg writes:

    Hi Charles. From the ALI website:

    The inspection company must be legally organized in North America. This legal entity (company) will be known as the program “participant.”

    The program participant designates a “responsible employee” to manage the company’s participation in the certification program.

    The program participant submits an application and pays the required fees. The responsible employee fills out and submits the required forms for review and approval by ALI.

    The participant establishes quality assurance procedures, if they do not already exist.

    The responsible employee attends an orientation workshop which details the administrative aspects of the program and establishes the understanding between the company and ALI.

    The candidate inspector reviews the provided Candidate Handbook learning materials either on his/her own or through one of the lift manufacturers or other organizations offering classroom learning.

    The candidate inspector takes the Pre-Course Examination.

    After passing the Pre-Course Examination, the candidate inspector takes the Course Examination.

    On completing the Course Examination, the candidate inspector performs 12 practical experience inspections of specified automotive and heavy-duty lifts using the approved participant inspection forms.

    The candidate inspector submits the paperwork associated with the 12 inspections to ALI.

    ALI returns the inspection paperwork to the candidate to correct discrepancies.

    The participant’s quality system must successfully pass an Initial Compliance Audit (ICA).

    Certification is granted.

    Quality audits are conducted as required by the Program Participation Manual.

  3. Omar Cervantes writes:

    Hello, I want to Become a Certified Lift Inspector, please send me information where to apply, to pay, etc.

    Thanks in advance,
    Omar Cervantes

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