5 Questions to Ask When Buying an Auto Lift


Before you decide which auto lift is right for you, go online and read all the car lift reviews you can find. Do a bit of research and settle on a brand. Once you’ve done that, congratulations, you’re halfway there! Now comes the harder part: finding the right model for your needs and space. This article can be used as an introduction to purchasing a lift; here are the top five questions to ask when buying an auto lift.

Which lifts will fit in my space?

row of BendPak four-post lifts
The right car lifts will maximize your space

Unless you’re an experienced​ auto lift purchaser or have done extensive research, you might not know where to start when it comes to getting the right lift for your space. The most important thing you can do is measure the length, width and height of your garage, especially the area where you plan to install the lift. Ceiling height is particularly important for determining the fit of a two-post lift with an overhead beam. The more room you have to work with, the more options will be available to you. Super-wide, extra-tall and narrow configurations are available on some lifts.

Also consider whether you want to do maintenance on cars or simply have a way to park two cars in one space. A four-post lift lets you do both, but BendPak offers dedicated parking lifts as well. Whatever your needs are, we have the perfect lift for you.

What cars will fit on this lift?
It’s critical to know what vehicles you want to lift before you buy. This is an easier question to answer for home garage operators because they tend to have a better idea of what cars they need to plan for. Auto shops, generally speaking, usually require multiple lifts for different purposes and vehicle sizes. For instance, trucks and SUVs may require a taller and/or higher-capacity lift. Taller vehicles can’t go as high on standard-height lifts, so if you’re buying a lift for parking purposes and need to put a truck on the lower level, ceiling height will matter more than if you’re trying to stack a pair of Porsche 911s.

How much does the lift cost?
Luckily, the prices of all our car lifts, automotive shop equipment, parts and accessories are listed on the BendPak website! Every product page lists the price of the item. Most items come with free shipping to the contiguous United States.

Can I install an auto lift myself?
Most mechanically inclined people will be able to install a car lift. Experience always helps, and we recommend asking at least one mechanically inclined friend to join you, especially if they’ve done it before. You may need to rent lift gate service to get the part off the delivery truck. We’re happy to email or deliver a copy of the installation manual, so you can see for yourself if you’re up to it and plan accordingly.

Does my car lift come with a competitive warranty?
Most BendPak lifts come with our 5-2-1 Warranty , widely regarded as the best auto lift warranty in the industry. Other lifts, such as our low-rise and mid-rise lifts, come with slightly different warranties. Shop equipment is also covered under a different policy. All BendPak and Ranger limited warranties can be found in the Downloads tab that’s featured on every product page.

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