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    • NEXTGEN™ Swing-Arm 25" Tire Changer
    • RimGuard™ 50" Capacity Swing-Arm & Single Power Assist
    • Tilt-Back Tire Changer with Assist Tower
    • Tilt-Back Tire Changer
    • Super-Duty Truck Tire Changer
    • RimGuard™ 21" Capacity Entry-Level Tire Changer

    Tire Changers

    Low-Profile-Tire-Changer.jpg Ranger tire changers are the essential center-pieces of every well-run garage. With exclusive tire changing features from Ranger, the once dreaded chore of changing a tire is easier than ever. Our state-of-the-art technology and advanced features make tire changing one of the quickest and most profitable services that you can offer a client. Haga clic en este enlace para información en Español de nuestras Desmontadoras de llantas.

    NextGen™ tire changers are here!

    We re-engineeredNextGen Tire Changers by Ranger our entire line of professional-grade tire changing equipment and then threw them out into the real world for testing. After months of trials and countless adjustments, we're proud to say each one of these state-of-the-art tire changers is Tire Shop Tested...Approved™ for even your toughest daily routine. Delicate rims and run-flats won't know what hit them, because these tire changers are as gentle as they are powerful. Use the slider at the top to find out which Ranger NextGen™ tire machine is just right for your tire shop or garage.

    Internal clamping
    External clamping
    Max Diameter
    12" – 21"
    10" – 18"
    10" - 30"
    9" - 28"
    R980AT 10" - 30" 9" - 28"
    10" - 30"
    9" - 28"
    R76ATR 10" - 30"   9" - 28"  43"
     R76LT 10" - 30" 

     9" - 28"
    13" – 33"
    10" – 28"

    RX3040-Touchless-Tire-Changer.pngRanger's extensive line of tyre machines is one of the largest in the industry, with models designed to suit nearly every budget, automotive specialty and tire size. Some of Ranger’s exciting innovations include a helpful drop-center top mount arm that firmly holds the tire in place during rotation, a pneumatic wheel restraint device to keep a wheel locked into place, power-assist upper bead rollers that assist in bead breaking and setting, one of the largest wheel-clamping ranges in the industry, power-assist mounting towers for even more versatility and an overall superior design that’s meant to last and last.

    Most of our incredible tire changers offer up-front foot controls, complete with clearly marked decals so you’re never unsure of what to do next. Other innovations include tilt-back towers for increased clearance, large bead-breaking blades, powerful hi-torque turntables, jet-blast pistol inflation gauge with air dump valve, as well as a fully-adjustable tool bar. All of this comes packed in an easy-to-use, free-standing console that’s as safe as it is efficient. Think your tire changer can do all that? Upgrade to Ranger today.

    Wheel mounting guideBrowse and compare our full offering of Ranger Tire Changers with the handy slider at top of the page, or click on another product section using the navigation bar to see something completely different.

    *NOTE: Internal and external rim clamping dimensions do not translate directly to rim or tire sizes as rim clamping points may vary by manufacturer.

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