Tire Machine Accessories Explained

There are a lot of Ranger wheel service accessories, so we made this page to be a quick cheat sheet for all your tire machine accessories. In some cases, the accessories on this page are compatible with select Ranger tire changers. All accessories are optional and sold separately from the model they accompany.

RWL-150T Pneumatic Wheel Lift

Compatible with the R980XR and R980AT Ranger tire machines, this tire changer wheel lift is the best way to raise heavy tire-and-wheel configurations without straining your back or risking injury. A flip of the ergonomically placed, one-handed lever will rapidly raise wheels up to 150 lbs. to a comfortable height. From there, it's just a matter of adjusting the tire-and-wheel over the turntable clamps. The hard work is done for you with the pneumatic wheel lift.

Tire Changer Wheel Lift

Pneumatic Wheel Lift for Tire Machines
Elevated Tire Changer Clamp Adapters

Elevated Clamp Adapters

Designed for the R745 tire machine, these clamps increase the versatility of your machine by attaching to ATV and motorcycle tire-and-wheel combos. The kit is easy to install directly over the existing turntable clamping jaws. Now small, tricky tires are easy to work with. Ranger offers different clamp sets, based on the types and sizes of motorcycle/ATV wheels you service.

Elevated Clamp Adapters

ATV Changer Clamps Kit

If you have any NextGen™ tire changer by Ranger, then these clamps will fit over the existing turntable clamps. Instantly gain the ability to service motorcycle and ATV wheels. Be sure to order the correct clamp kit, so you receive the set that fits your machine.

ATV Clamp Adapters

ATV-Motorcycle Wheel Clamp Adapters for Tire Changers
Tire Machine Plastic Tool Head Mount

Nylon Mount/Demount Tool Head

Servicing expensive alloy wheels for finicky clients can be challenging, so be sure to protect those costly wheels with Ranger's non-marring mount/demount tool head. Made of high-quality, injection-molded nylon, our high load-bearing synthetic tool head features very low friction resistance. This lets tire beads glide effortlessly across the face of the tool body, helping prevent bead damage and tire tears. Reduce the possibility of metal-on-metal contact and start servicing expensive wheels worry-free. Shown with simple and convenient mounting flange that makes installation and changeovers a breeze. (SKU #5150524)

Plastic Tool Head

Tire Iron

A tire iron is a simple but effective way to hold down or remove stubborn beads. You can have the fanciest tire machine in the world, but no shop can really do without the basics, and this iconic tool has been a must-have piece of equipment in garages and auto shops since the dawn of automobiles.

Tire Iron

Bead Breaking Tire Iron for Tire Changers