• 2-Ton Aluminum Racing Jack / Quick-Pump
    • 2-Ton Long-Reach “Euro Style” Floor Jack
    • 3-Ton Super-Duty Garage Floor Jack
    • 3-Ton Professional Series Garage Floor Jack
    • 3-Ton Speedy Garage Floor Jack
    • 1-1/2 Ton Aluminum Quick Jack
    • 1-1/2 Ton Capacity Low Rider Super Long Garage Floor Jack
    • 2.5 Ton Capacity Heavy-Duty “Low Rider” Garage Floor Jack
    • 3-Ton Capacity Heavy-Duty “Low Rider” Garage Floor Jack
    • 10-Ton Long-Frame Garage Floor Jack
    • 30-Ton Capacity Telescoping Air Bottle Jack

    The Last Service Jack You'll Ever Buy

    A garage just feels empty without a bright, shiny floor jack ready to handle anything you need to lift. So stop stressing over the bargain bin nightmare that's probably as flimsy as it feels. Ranger's first-rate floor jack offerings are sure to never let you down. And that's good news, considering the tremendous amount of weight you expect each high-capacity, lightweight jack to lift. Our impressive jack models are carefully designed to accommodate a wide spectrum of weight capacities and lifting applications to lift virtually any car or truck in need of service. Información en Español aquí en Gatos de Piso.

      Capacity Lowered height Raised height Length
     RFJ-4000AL  4,000 lbs.
     17-3/4"  24"
     RFJ-2TX 4,000 lbs. 3-1/2" 31-1/2" 37"
     RFJ-3T 6,000 lbs. 4-3/4" 20-1/2" 28"
     RFJ-3TP 6,000 lbs. 5-1/4" 19-1/4" 26"
     RFJ-3TQP 6,000 lbs. 5" 19-3/4" 25-1/2"
     RFJ-3000AL 3,000 lbs. 3-1/2" 17-3/4" 24"
     RFJ-3000LPF 3,000 lbs. 2-3/4" 24" 34"
     RFJ-6HD 6,000 lbs. 3-5/8" 21" 27"
     RFJ-5000HD 5,000 lbs.  3"   20" 26" 
     RFJ-10TL 20,000 lbs. 7" 23" 61"
     RBJ-30TL 60,000 lbs. 6" 12" 22-1/2"

    General purpose floor jack

    If your needs are pretty straightforward and simple, we have a general purpose jack just for you. When a customer isn't sure which jack he or she wants, we're quick to refer them to the RFJ-3T floor jack, as well as the RFJ-3TQP floor jack. Both are excellent hydraulic choices, and since each jack has an impressive 6,000-lb. lift capacity, it's easy to raise the front or back half of most vehicles. By the way, that "QP" stands for quick-pump, sometimes called rapid pump. This jack is ideal for professionals, as it reaches the chassis of your vehicle in just one quick, easy pump. For shop owners with tight working schedules, as well as those looking to maintain minimal floor-to-floor times, a rapid pump jack is practically a must-have.

    Racing jack

    Speaking of fast pumping action, the RFJ-3000AL racing floor jack is highly desirable for your low-stance vehicle types. At 3.5" collapsed, it sits super-low to the ground. It also reaches an impressive maximum height and offers 3,000 lbs. of lift. What's more, its aluminum construction is lightweight and ideal for rolling around crowded tracks and arenas. We don't call this hydraulic beauty an automotive racing jack for nothing! In the racing world, every inch of lift counts, and pit crews need a reliable jack that's as rugged as it is efficient. Ranger has been a favorite automotive equipment supplier for years. If you're in the racing world and sometimes wonder if your floor jack makes the grade, remember this: your paycheck depends on speed. You should have no doubt that your service jack is the best it can be. Dump the other guys and get yourself a Ranger.

    Low-profile jack

    A low-profile floor jack isn't just for a race team. This jack type is just as often found in professional shops and home garages alike. No matter where you lift, you're likely to work on a low-profile vehicle or two. (Let's be honest. If it's not a truck or SUV, you want your floor jack to be as low-profile as possible.) The low-sitting collapsed design combines with the high lift of the RFJ-3000LPF floor jack or RFJ-2TX floor jack to ensure you don't damage automotive chassis while you work. These hydraulic units feature extended handles that keep repetitive pumping easy on your arms and back. Our number goal is to get you more height out of less work with your hydraulic floor jack.

    Heavy-duty jack

    For truly heavy applications, Ranger is proud to offer the incredible RBJ-30TL bottle jack. This extraordinarily powerful floor jack can lift a whopping 60,000 lbs. at the first lock position. It can still hold a very impressive 30,000 lbs. at the top lock. It works as a backup to your main car lift, or if you simply need a floor jack that makes it easy to perform wheel/brake service on semi-trucks, municipal vehicles and even farm/construction equipment. Even extreme lifters might say 60,000 lbs. is overkill for their line of work, so we also offer the RFJ-10TL long-frame floor jack. This jack offers 20,000 lbs. of lift and a foot pedal to make the hydraulic pump action even easier. If these steel and aluminum pieces of equipment can't do the job, it's time to consider a car lift or heavy-duty truck lift. A jack is meant to be a safe, affordable way to lift things quickly and safely, but the versatility of a floor jack will never compare to the might of a full-size car lift.

    A service jack for every job

    Talk to one of our highly trained representative about these and many other floor jack offerings. Each jack is unique to a specific job, so if you're not sure, trust Ranger to set you up with the right hydraulic floor jack for your shop or garage. As you browse our inventory, consider how many years it took us to refine our product line to this level. Decades of engineering best practices, product updates and burnt-up midnight oil have come together to make your service jack the best it can be. For the best steel, the best value and the most trusted name in automotive service equipment, always choose Ranger.

    Please note: If you're looking for a transmission jack, we have three hydraulic jack models: the RTJ-1100, RTJ-1 or RTJ-3000 transmission jack.

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