• Ranger Target 3DPro™

    Wheel Aligners

    Ranger's premium Wireless Wheel Aligners consistently set the industry standard for accuracy, speed and simplicity of use. Ranger Wireless Wheel Aligners are capable of accurately determining angles and calculations to an astonishingly high degree of precision.

    Front &
    Rear Camber
     3DP4100  13" - 25"
     -28° to +28° -15° to +15°  ProSpec®   

    Then, the included ProSpec® software interprets the data and brightly displays all the alignment procedures on the sharp, high-contrast flat panel monitor. Any would-be mystery is thus completely removed from the process and you’re left with a step-by-step process that will result in wheel balance perfection, every time. Technicians follow the onscreen instructions and receive immediate feedback and correction. It's that easy. The Wheel Aligner’s functionality and sophistication is leaps and bounds beyond anything else in the industry, so if you’re looking for the best wheel aligner that can make the biggest difference in your shop, look no further. Just ask anyone fortunate enough to have worked with one of our units.

    Now you can increase your bottom line, reduce come-backs, enhance your accuracy and easily train your personnel, all with one incredible product. We love to work with all of our BendPak / Ranger lifting and jacking equipment, but the truth is that your business lives or dies based on your ability to get a vehicle down and out the door ASAP—all with perfect, factory-quality precision. That’s why the Wireless Wheel Aligners from Ranger place equally high priorities on speed as they do accuracy, so you can align your clients’ wheels better and quicker than your competition. The only way to achieve results like these is with a Ranger Wireless Wheel Aligner.

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