At Ranger we want to evaluate how well our tire changers compare with those offered by the competition. To learn more, we’ll be operating and testing our tire changers amongst similarly designed machines from other companies. Fact is, that in today’s world we know you have many choices when it comes to tire changers. You need a modern tire changing machine that works well with low-profile wider sizes, won’t hurt high-end rims, and can help you complete the tire installation job quickly. We also want to learn if the competition’s tire changers offer features worth their famous brands or are maybe a little overinflated. So our game plan here will be to test a host of tire changers and provide you with the differences and costs that we find. This way you’ll be able to compare and evaluate in one place to find the tire changer that best suits your shop’s specific needs.

Digging Deep into the Mechanical Details of Each Tire Changer

To approach this comparison, Ranger tire changers are ready to be tested and perform in our studio against many of the industry’s other tire changers. We have secured several Brand X tire changers waiting on pallets that are similarly equipped to those we’ll be matching against in Ranger’s product line. Our game plan is to install, match and compare specifications and performance capabilities of these tire changers, while providing as much info as we can right here on our website.

In other words, we’ll be digging in to each machine’s mechanical details while doing comparative photography, removing equipment panels, and spending a few days in the studio working with both machines operating side-by-side. We’ll even get dirty, while mounting and dismounting more than a few tires.

Best Tire Changer to Purchase

Since Ranger is always interested in providing the best products to the automotive tire changing community at an affordable price, one of our foremost rules will be to be as objective as possible in these comparisons. This way we will provide you with purchasing knowledge based on apples-to-apples.

For all tire machines tested, we will generally be performing this comparison using an aluminum wheel and low-profile radial tire and may at times use a light-duty truck tire and wheel. We’ve selected these types of wheels because they represent a large segment of the market. From there, we will mount and dismount the tires and rims with the rim secured in place up on the turntable. We will also obtain and review the pricing for these machines to allow you to see what you’re getting for the money.

Yes, you’ll have access to the information, comments, performance, and pricing that we found for all of these tire machines. With all of Ranger’s attributes, we think you’ll find that Ranger’s tire changing machines will exceed your expectations. As a matter of fact, we think you might like the Ranger’s features, performance, and pricing so much that you’ll buy two for your shop. But we’ll let you decide how many you want.