Top 5 Reasons to Purchase an Industrial Parts Washer

Your workdays of performing repairs, troubleshooting, assembling components, and production runs are busy and unpredictable. But you already knew that. What you do need to know is how to put some predictability into your workdays. Because finding out at 4:45 pm that there is a hidden problem within a greasy component is not fun. Had that part been cleaned, things would have evolved differently.

With Ranger’s Commercial Parts Washer you can take more control of your day. The reason is simple. By quickly and thoroughly cleaning parts on projects you are working on, you can more accurately inspect a component’s genuine condition from the onset. This means discovering excessive wear, hairline cracks, manufacturing variations, or issues that would otherwise remain hidden under oil or machining fragments. In other words, a way to stop the surprises. Or if you are manufacturing components, you understand that parts need to be cleaned properly for assembly, marketing, or packaging before sending them off to your distributors and buyers.

Ranger’s Industrial Parts Washers can offer a long list of benefits for your shop, plus today these parts washers use a friendly aqueous cleaning solution (water-based detergent). With Ranger’s Commercial Parts Washers you will find that parts come out super-clean and your working environment will be much easier to occupy, since the harsh chemical use is no longer present.

To offer more detail, we’ve outlined the Top 5 reasons to Purchase an Industrial Parts Washer. With Ranger’s Industrial Parts Washer’s excellent cleaning capabilities, you can soon find all kinds of cleaning tasks to deliver sparkling results. That’s a good surprise.

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1. Ranger's Industrial Parts Washer Quickly Clean Parts.

With Ranger’s Commercial Parts Washers you are able to thoroughly clean the grimiest parts and components. Although both styles clean effectively, the process occurs differently. Ranger’s Spray Wash Cabinets use pressurized nozzles that propel hot-water (aqueous) detergent in calculated planes from all angles onto the parts positioned in a cleaning basket to easily and quickly remove greasy or oily residue, and without using harsh chemicals. These stainless steel spray nozzles depending on specific model, have pressure available up to 72.6 psi. Since this all occurs inside of a cabinet, evenly cleaned parts sprayed with 360 degree coverage removes debris from all surface angles. This cleaning system works to transform dirty parts and components to bright and clean.

Ultrasonic Commercial Parts Washers clean parts with a unique sound wave cleaning process. The cleaning process occurs as the items are immersed into a tank filled with hot-water (aqueous) detergent, while ultrasonic wave directions transmitted from transducers situated from 3 sides of the cleaning tank, create millions of small bubbles. These bubbles act to scrub and wash the component surfaces. Ranger’s Ultrasonic Cleaner uses a choice of kHz frequency options to agitate the hot-water fluid for superior cleaning from 20-40 kHz based on the cleaning objects’ material and contaminants on the objects. To clean parts or components, just place or secure the items in the tank, and set the ultrasonic frequency and power range. Ranger’s Ultrasonic Cleaner cleans a wide variety of metal, plastic, and ceramic items. Cleaning functions usually take about 5 to 7 minutes to work to become brilliantly washed.

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2. Ranger’s Industrial Parts Washers Work Automatically

Your days are busy. Carving out time to manually clean parts can be a burden and often there is not enough time to complete a given task properly. With Ranger’s Industrial Parts Washers you can simply place the items that need cleaning into the wash basket, set the temperature, turn on the timer and go about completing your other tasks. When the Commercial Parts Washer’s job is complete, just open the door or cabinet and remove your clean parts. With Ranger’s Commercial Parts Washers working in your shop, you can be doing more than one thing at once.

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3. Ranger’s Industrial Parts Washer Allows Better Component Diagnosis and Repair Appearance

When you are troubleshooting or looking for a cause of failure with a part or component operating system, your ability to discover the problem is enhanced if the parts have been cleaned of oil, grease and debris. And conversely, when your repairs are completed, one of the first things that happens is the customer looks at your work. In many cases you aren’t present. But rest assured that however components appear, your customer will be showing your work to others. Your choice is simple. How well do you want to be able to diagnosis a problem and how well do you want your work to shine? With Ranger’s Commercial Parts Washers you will always know that parts and components will be as clean and impressive looking as possible.

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4. Safer Work Environment with Ranger’s Industrial Parts Washer

Cleaning dirty parts and components can be messy at times. Often the cleaning agents used while removing grease, oil, sludge, fragments, and more can be harmful. You can still clean parts well, but much more safely today by using Ranger’s friendly aqueous detergent system (hot-water based) instead of those old solvents that your grandfather used back in the day. With this modern aqueous detergent used to thoroughly clean and remove scale, grease, sludge, shavings, oil, peeling paint, and more from component surfaces, you will be providing a much safer working environment. Now you can breathe much easier.

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5. Save on Water and Detergent with Ranger’s Industrial Parts Washer

Ranger’s Industrial Parts Washers use less water and detergent than what would typically be used to wash parts manually. This can cut costs in acquiring cleaning products and reducing the amount of wastewater to be handled. And still the part you remove from the wash cabinet after cleaning looks like it just came out of your home dishwasher. The surfaces are now fully exposed and super clean. Old varnish and oil are typically gone. Use a smaller amount of cleaning solution and achieve better washing results. That’s a clean deal.