Ranger™ Parts Washers With Hot Water

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When you need to make quick work of removing grease and grime from your engine parts and other components, a parts washer with hot water is the only way to do that effectively. Ranger parts washers feature two immersion-style water heaters to ensure water and detergent solution reach optimal washing temperatures within seconds. Think of this enhanced system as an “always on” approach to spray wash cabinets. No more waiting for the water to get hot. The RS-500D and RS-750D series parts washers are the ideal solution for your parts washing needs.

Parts washer with hot water by Ranger

Why two heaters are better than one

Ranger parts washers hold up to 53 gallons of cleaning solution (detergent and water) in their tanks, depending on which model you choose. That’s a lot to heat up. In comparison, a typical household water heater holds 40-50 gallons, and depending on the model, the water in those tanks could take hours to heat up. You run a busy shop and there are multiple projects that are waiting for those parts to come out degreased and clean. You don’t have time to waste waiting around for the water to get hot.

Small 2,000 watt immersion water heater

When most parts washers you see on the market only have one heating element, Ranger designed their spray wash cabinets with dual immersion water heaters for maximum efficiency. Combined with Eaton Cutler-Hammer 20/30 amp breakers integrated right into the cabinet for the water heaters alone, we take your time seriously and made sure these heaters perform when you need them most.

Large 6,000 watt immersion water heater

In each Ranger parts washer, you get one small 2,000 watt heating element and one large 6,000 watt heating element. Both are sheathed in a nickel-base alloy for long term use in even extremely hard water, high sulfur and lime content without risk of corrosion. The smaller, energy efficient heating element acts as a detergent solution pre-warmer and keeps the water primed for washing. Once the parts washer does what it does best, the larger primary heater activates, heating the solution to your desired temperature up to 175°F. Combined, these immersion water heaters team up to give you the absolute cleanest parts in a much shorter amount of time. The result gives you the ability to move on with your projects and spend less time watching water boil.

No one does it better than Ranger

Never satisfied with the status quo, Ranger is an innovator when it comes to product development and technology. Our latest series of parts washers went through rigorous re-engineering and upgrades to give you only the best Ranger has to offer. We understand that your business is your livelihood and the equipment you entrust to deliver your best work needs to outperform your expectations for years, even decades. We didn’t stop with just the dual heaters to make parts washers with hot water. We took every component of previous iterations and made them… better. Much better! Trust in Ranger to deliver all your parts washing needs and speak to a helpful product specialist for more information.

Professional parts washers with hot water