Is a Commercial Parts Washer Right for my Business?

Did you know that a Ranger Commercial Parts Washer can save your business time and money? In other words, if your staff has been manually cleaning parts with an old school “sink on a drum” solvent unit or a hand-held pressure wand, there is a better and faster alternative.

A Ranger Commercial Parts Washer can provide automatic cleaning efficiency by removing the dirtiest grime and debris, and thus providing sparkling results as the cleaning job is completed. Yes, in go the dirty parts and out comes the clean parts. It’s just about that easy. These and many more are just some of the reasons why you might want to learn if a Ranger Commercial Parts Washer is right for your business.

Commercial Parts Washers are automatic parts washing systems that efficiently clean dirty parts and components inside of a cleaning cabinet with heated aqueous (water-based) technology. This means using a safer water-soluble detergent solution. Ranger offers Commercial Parts Washers in both Spray Wash Cabinet and Ultrasonic Cleaning styles.

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Commercial Parts Washers can add a synergy to your shop’s workflow via a number of cleaning advantages. If you do an ongoing level of parts or component cleaning, a Commercial Parts Washer might offer an advantage to your business because they can hold a large quantity or size of parts all at once. This provides improved efficiency. Your staff can simply place suitable items into the Commercial Parts Washer, set the time and temperature and walk away. There is no need to stand around while parts are being separately and manually washed. Your workforce can attend to other tasks and simply return after the items have been automatically cleaned in the Commercial Parts Washer. Studies have found that in some shops, standing at a work station and manually cleaning multiple parts and components can account for unnecessary operating time costs. With a Commercial Parts Washer, the operation becomes streamlined and parts are cleaned automatically and often all at once.

Let’s Evaluate Your Business’ Parts Washing Needs

  1. What types of oil, fragments, grease or debris are you removing?
  2. How are you currently cleaning and is there room for improvement?
  3. Is your workforce singularly focused while cleaning parts?
  4. What types of material(s) are your parts and components manufactured from?
  5. What general size, weight, configuration, and quantity of the parts do you clean each day?
  6. Do you currently clean manually or automatically?
  7. Do you perform single or multi-step cleaning?
  8. What type of cleaning fluid do you currently use and is it safe to be around?
  9. Does your existing cleaning process meet the requirements of the latest regulations?
  10. As your business has grown have your parts washing needs grown too?

Besides the many benefits a Ranger Commercial Parts Washer might offer your business, your staff will like the time saving and better performing features also. Ranger’s Commercial Parts Washer cleans by using a blend of water, detergent and heat to create safe and optimal results that occurs inside of a cabinet. So it is much easier to be around. And a huge benefit to Rangers Commercial Parts Washer cleaning process is its ability to incorporate a higher-temperature aqueous cleaning solution that works to soften and melt away oils and grease from the parts that are being cleaned. Your staff simply adds the parts or components into the Commercial Parts Washer and typically after a few minutes of cleaning the parts and components are removed with a consistently clean surface.

Before and After Using Ranger Parts Washer

Since Ranger offers Commercial Parts Washer as a Spray Wash Cabinet or an Ultrasonic Cleaner, you can choose the best method based on your shop’s specific needs.

Ranger’s Commercial Spray Wash Cabinet cleans parts and components with a series of stainless steel spray nozzles to distribute a uniform, multi-direction and heated solution with medium or high-pressure. Full cleaning coverage occurs because precise nozzle placement ensures 360° coverage. This storm of heated cleaning solution quickly and automatically works to remove grime, machining fragments, and dirt, leaving the items sparkling clean. This process works on metals, plastics, ceramics, medical equipment, printing equipment, and more. The entire process depending on cleaning level typically occurs within a matter of minutes.

inside look of commercial spray wash cabinet

Ranger’s Commercial Ultrasonic Cleaner provides cleaning that occurs inside a tank when parts are placed into the aqueous solution. After initiating operation from the control panel, a quick degassing function begins the ultrasonic cycle to remove gasses from the solution. An oil skimming function if needed also serves to keep the solution clean. The ultrasonic cleaning process then continues with a series of sound waves at frequency 20-40 kHz. These are transmitted from transducer packs from multi-direction positions that work to clean the surfaces of any part submerged in the tank. In more detail, the Ultrasonic Cleaner uses these sound waves to create millions of cleaning bubbles from cavitation (determined by the frequency) that scrub away grease, dirt, oil, fragments, and more.

Benefits of a Commercial Parts Washer

Today's Commercial Parts Washers Provide Many Cleaning Features To Attack Dirty Parts

  • Effectively removes grease, oil, fragments, and most other debris
  • Aqueous (water-based) cleaning is typically less hazardous than harsh solvents
  • Less variation in cleaning results
  • Staff simply loads items, sets auto-timer and temperature
  • Parts washers use less water and detergent than manually cleaning parts
  • Parts washing is done at one easy location
  • Cleans parts of various sizes and quantities
  • Staff can perform other core responsibilities, while automatic cleaning is occurring

A Clean Choice

If you would like to increase your business' cleaning capacity, reduce operating time, improve your staff's working environment, a Ranger Commercial Parts Washer might be your answer. Whether you need to wash parts and components at the end of production, before and after repairs, for packaging, or more, a Ranger Commercial Parts Washer can provide your business with a clean advantage

stainless steel and steel spray wash cabinet