Best Industrial Parts Washers in 2021

Looking for the BEST Industrial Parts Washer to deeply clean your parts and components with? One that will support the same high-standards that consistently compliments your well-earned business reputation? Yes, the products you produce, repair, or maintain are sometimes dirty and grimy and need to be cleaned for inspection, packaging and to sparkle. They also need to reliably shine for the high-work standards you've built your reputation on. In other words, you want to know which commercial parts washers are the best cleaning and performing units to work well with your particular cleaning requirements.

One of the First Steps in Choosing the Best Industrial Parts Washer is to Determine the Following:

  1. What will you be cleaning?
  2. Types of materials cleaned?
  3. How much load cleaning capacity do you need?
  4. How much time will you be cleaning each day?
  5. How much space do you have for a parts washer?
  6. Design of the parts that you will be cleaning?

At Ranger, we realize many parts cleaning jobs have distinct challenges, and therefore there are several Commercial Parts Washer types to tackle the variety of cleaning tasks. To help with your decision, we’re going to outline the key differences between these units so that you can find the Best Industrial Parts Washer for you and your business. These choices also represent what you would generally use in a shop where an Industrial Parts Washers is used as an as-needed item of shop equipment. Other much larger and fully dedicated units that typically would be used for very large-scale continuous operation are not covered here.

The Industrial/Commercial Parts Washers Categories We Will Cover Are:

  1. Front Loading Spray Wash Cabinet
  2. Professional Ultrasonic Cleaner
  3. Advanced Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaner
  4. Top Loading Spray Washer
  5. Spray Wash Cabinet

What's the Solution?

Many of today’s cleaning solutions are getting friendlier. Although there are many types of Commercial Parts Washers that use either hot water, hot water detergent, or solvent, we’re going to direct this focus largely on units that utilize a hot-water system or a hot-water detergent system to clean with. This process is referred to as an “aqueous-based” parts washer and they operate much like a large dish washer. Aqueous types use water and often a water-based detergent combined with heat and mechanical energy to provide the cleaning action. These are often favored today mainly because old school solvents require special handling and liquid disposal, and plus so many of today’s hot-water systems (aqueous) simply clean so well and share your working environment much better. This solution is also usually compatible with metal, plastic, ceramic, electronics, medical equipment and more. Keep in mind though that even aqueous cleaning still removes oils that will need to be disposed of properly in accordance with your local laws. Please check in advance.

Front Loading Spray Wash Cabinet

(Close the Floor Turntable/Basket Loading)

Do you have dirty or grimy parts that a strong multi-angle spray of hot water detergent from uniformly placed nozzles should clean? Maybe your components are covered with manufacturing fragments? Front loading spray wash cabinets offer the benefit of providing a straightforwardly accessible area to load heavier items into. These often feature a loading trolley that could make this the best choice for your application since the loading area is closer to the floor. To load the unit, parts are placed and secured on a large cleaning basket/turntable that is typically about 40” across. It is also motorized for rotation during cleaning and made from a heavy-duty stainless-steel. This front loading style is often perfect where one person is loading the washer or items are somewhat heavy. In contrast to otherwise having to lift heavier items up and over into a top loading cabinet where difficulty might be encountered.

Once items are loaded onto the basket and inside the washer cabinet, stainless steel spray nozzles distribute a uniform, multi-direction and heated water cleaning solution with medium-pressure (72.6 psi) that removes grime, machining fragments, and dirt leaving items sparkling clean. Since this all occurs inside of a cabinet, evenly cleaned parts sprayed with 360 degree coverage removes debris from all surface angles.

Front loading spray wash cabinets such as Ranger’s JET-F1200 can handle loads that total up to 1,320lbs. This can include medium to large sized metal, plastics, ceramics parts for prewashing, inter-operational washing, or final washing. These types of units also serve to remove oil, grease, chips, mud, and more. Ranger’s JET- F1200P series parts washer is a multi-stage and single chamber design so that everything occurs in one spray wash basket. This unit operates on 240-440v, 50-60hz, 3-Phase power.

Professional Ultrasonic Cleaner

(Ultrasonic Wave Directions Transmitted to Create Millions of Very Effective Small Cleaning Bubbles)

Ultrasonic Commercial Parts Washers clean parts with a unique sound wave cleaning process. The cleaning process occurs as the items are immersed into a tank filled with hot water detergent, while ultrasonic wave directions transmitted from transducers situated from 3 sides of the cleaning tank work to produce millions of small bubbles. These bubbles act to scrub and clean the component surfaces. Note that ultrasonic cleaning is different from simple immersion agitation. With immersion agitation parts cleaning, the parts are immersed into the bath and are either agitated up and down or side-to-side on a tray, or hit with high-pressure spray under immersion or a combination of both. Ultrasonic cleaning keeps the parts immersed, but in addition utilizes ultrasonic waves to create cleaning bubbles. This unit is also easy to move since it incorporates fixed casters and a brake.

Ranger’s KR-3000 Professional Ultrasonic Cleaner uses a choice of kHz frequency options to agitate the fluid for superior cleaning. These sound-wave levels range from 20-40 kHz. The ultrasound level best suited to clean debris free from parts is based on the cleaning objects’ material and contaminants on the objects. To clean, just place or secure the items in the tank, and set the ultrasonic frequency and power range. The large stainless steel cleaning tank is designed to accept a wide variety of metal, plastic, and ceramic items. Cleaning functions usually take about 5 to 7 minutes to work depending on the extent of the cleaning needed. For more intricate cleaning objects, the higher frequency values are typically used. Please check manual for more info.

Advanced Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaner

(Ultrasonic Cleaning with Programmable Logic Controller so that you can Tune Many Adjustments)

If an Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaner looks like the process your cleaning tasks need, but you would prefer to add some of the latest technology, check out the Advanced Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaner. Units such as the Ranger KER-3000 Advanced Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaner are operated with an easy to use PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) and HMI (Human Machine Interface) touch screen control panel. Advanced Commercial Ultrasonic Cleaners control systems also features a networking function, so in-the-field updates or corrections can be completed in real time. Flexibility in setting of almost all parameters, including cycle time are available. Plus, advanced Commercial Ultrasonic Cleaner units typically run quieter than others because of added panel insulation. And some of these units are offered in a customizable configuration.

These units share the same cleaning principles that most other ultrasonic cleaners do by generating ultrasonic sound-wave with levels that range from 20-40 kHz to create millions of tiny bubbles through the process of cavitation. The gentle action is ideal for delicate cleaning. Ultrasonic cleaning offers excellent performance without any trace of physical cleaning and scratches and works well on metals, plastic, and ceramics.

Spray Wash Cabinet

(Rugged Cabinet, Suitable for Heavy, Large, and Dirty Components, Loads from Lower Floor Area)

Spray wash cabinets offer a great and effective way to handle larger and heavier items that typically need quick cleaning to remove substantial debris such as grease. These work well for engine blocks, transmission cases, brake rotors, and other big and heavy items because the loading basket large and is relatively close to the floor. From there the item can be secured to the basket, and the spray wash cabinet is ruggedly made. These units typically use high pressure and a heated aqueous detergent to quickly clean away grease. A low rpm turntable rotates the items inside a large single chamber. Small and medium parts can also to be washed when they are placed on the turntable. These units are also usually available in stainless steel.

Spray wash cabinets use a series of nozzles to create a uniform, multi-direction and heated cleaning solution with medium or high-pressure to quickly and evenly clean dirty parts. Precise nozzle placement ensures effective cleaning with 360° coverage. An oil skimmer is also included to help clean the solution. Depending on size, shape and basket retention, these work well for medium sized to large sized metal, plastics, ceramics parts and more.