Top 5 Features of BendPak USA Made Air Compressors

Do you have a cool garage where your buddies like to hang out? Maybe you’re building another collector car, or your big repair shop is where guys like to stop by to see if you can fix the problem no one else can find. It’s easy to tell if you’re amongst car guys. Just mention that you have a BendPak in your garage. If faces light up and smile, they’re car guys. Either way though, it’s ok because everyone has their own interests.

If you thrive on cars 24/7, you can appreciate a shop outfitted with BendPak garage equipment. And if you stay busy performing all sorts of mechanical tasks or do body work, you most likely rely on air-powered pneumatic tools. The reasons are simple. With pneumatic air pressure, you can gain time against the clock and also make a big impact (pun intended) on whatever you are working on.

BendPak’s line of air compressors offer several features that help you close out each day with your goals achieved. In other words, a way to deliver better pneumatic pressure, while letting your efforts excel. These features have been well-developed over BendPak’s more than 50 year history designing and building some of the world’s best-engineered and most useful garage equipment.

Plus, BendPak’s air compressors are now Made in the USA. There are many reasons that selecting a BendPak for your next air compressor will make your face light up and smile. Here are just 5.


    Top Five FEATURES of BendPak's US Made Air Compressors:

  • BendPak’s long-lasting mechanical components-Have you ever noticed an air compressor running as it continuously accepts the call to duty to replenish air pressure? Once pneumatic pressure drops to a certain point, the compressor immediately cycles on. All day long it’s off and then back on. To do that for years on end while providing a long service life, requires high performing rotating internals. BendPak air compressors are built to anticipate all of this and therefore are fitted with tapered roller main bearings to support a very strong ductile iron crankshaft. The flywheel and crankshaft are balanced to rotate at speed smoothly. Strong and lightweight aluminum alloy rods (less rotational mass) are used. The cylinders are honed to operate efficiently while ensuring oil control. Similar features like these are found in many high performance automobile engines. BendPak understands that supplying a big level of compressed air in volume is much like the demands placed on a high-performance engine. To excel well takes good preparation and high-performing mechanical components, as found in BendPak air compressors.
  • Certified Safety and Quality-BendPak air compressor tanks are certified for engineering and safety by ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers). ASME certification is an independent quality assurance program that verifies that BendPak’s air compressor tanks fulfills relevant requirements, standards and safety. What does this all add up to? These certifications mean that you can trust BendPak’s air compressor quality to provide many years of valuable service and safety.
  • Air Compressors deliver large air volume-BendPak’s cast iron pump supplies a big amount of cubic feet per minute (amounts range from 17 cfm to 34 cfm, depending on model) of air, while using a low-rpm operating motor. This low-rpm operation provides reduced noise, less wear, less energy consumption, and helps to lower heat levels. Lower heat levels equate to reducing the opportunity for moisture build-up within the air tank. Motor power levels range from 5 to 10 horsepower, depending on model.
  • BendPak’s air compressors are now made in the USA. This means you can count on Made in USA quality and an air compressor that is built for long life. It also means that all components are manufactured to precise and repeatable accuracy. This is good to know when days run into overtime and your compressor is hustling along with you.
  • BendPak’s air compressors are designed to work hard as often as you do. To do this they use splash-lubrication to always oil the pistons during operation. Many other compressors instead use an oil-free system that use Teflon on contact areas, and are designed for more limited use. BendPak’s air compressors with their splash-oil lubricating system are designed to operate under harsh working conditions that occur daily, while maximizing long-term use.

BendPak’s team is always ready to help. We are available via a toll free phone number in the US or by email. BendPak’s air compressor’s use of high-grade components, and advanced engineering means service and products you can count on to keep you smiling.