We're proud to design and engineer our own car lifts. It's less common than you'd think in this industry, and it's a major reason why BendPak lifts have not only stood the test of time, but why they continue to stand out above the rest. While other brands will simply slap their label on a lazily engineered, uncertified, wholesale-manufactured piece of junk, we start from the ground-up. The difference between a BendPak and any other name is really not even close.

Every BendPak lift is carefully designed right here in our Southern California offices to exacting standards, accounting for everything from the quality of the raw materials to the structural reinforcements and backup safety systems required to meet and exceed ALI/ANSI certification. While this would take most companies years on end, BendPak's sales, customer service, marketing and quality control teams are all a hop, skip and a jump away from our drafting and engineering departments. (Some are even closer than that!) This means we can easily get you fast, reliable answers to any questions you have about our designs and engineering processes.

Growth, growth, growth!

Because our customer service center is so big—and continually growing—we can respond to your needs faster than ever. In fact, we take customer feedback very seriously. If there's an inquiry, compliment, complaint or reasonable suggestions, we send that along to our engineering team, and sometimes those suggestions get integrated into future updates and designs! No matter what, our engineers get answers to our service team quickly, but just as importantly, our customer service members get those answers quickly back to you. We're a well-oiled machine at BendPak, and we're dedicated to keeping it that way.

Spend your money wisely

When you're prepared to purchase a car lift, you don't want to leave anything up to chance. The safety certifications are easily the most obvious factor, but there are long-term solutions BendPak provides that simply aren't available with other brands. Localizing our engineers ensures quality of discussion and debate on best practices before a product is even released. It's not some guy sitting alone in a dark room with his finger up his nose. It's a full team of elite minds working day in and day out to bring you the car lifts in the country.

The importance of having our own engineers cannot be overstated. The strategic placement of our engineering department in the company has been, and continues to be, essential to our growth. If there's ever a product update, adjustment or enhancement to be made, we can get it done in a matter of days or weeks as opposed to months or years. Collectively, our teams make up the most experienced and well-equipped lift dealers in the industry.