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QuickJack 5000TL Portable Car Lift (5000TL)


5000TL portable car lift adds an extra 3" bringing the lifting height to an impressive 24 inches. This enhancement increases access to the undercarriage of the vehicle and provides an overall increase to your comfort and capability.

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QuickJack 5000TL Portable Car Lift
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Features & Specs

QuickJack 5000TL Portable Car Lift specs diagram

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Automatic safety locks

Features dual-position automatic safety locks on each TL frame. As the frames rise, these locks glide securely into place at mid-rise and full-rise. Disengage with a simple flip of the lock bar and your car lift is ready for a smooth descent.

Increased lifting height

QuickJack TL models are capable of lifting an extra 3-inches making it easier to perform vehicle maintenance tasks that are both routine and more involved. The extra room gives you more ability and versatility under the vehicle, while doing so in added comfort.

One-handed operation

By holding the pendant control in one hand, your other hand is totally free. No cranking or bending during lifting.

Accessories to increase versatility

Most QuickJack accessories were developed from customer suggestion and need. We offer many different lifting options and configurations to customize your QuickJack experience to fit your needs and specifications.

Lifting capacity
5,000 lbs. (2,268 kg)
(A) Lowered
A - Frame only: 3" (76 mm)
(B) Lowered w/ Small Block
B - With 2" block: 3.5" (89 mm)
(D) Raised (Small Block)
D - With 2" block: 21" (521 mm)
(E) Raised (Large Block)
E - With 3" block: 22" (546 mm)
(F) Raised (Stacked Blocks)
F - Max. height: 24" (616 mm)
(G) SUV Adapters
G - With adapters: 24" (597 mm)
(H) SUV Adapters (w/ Pin)
H - With adapters + pin: 26.75" (673 mm)
(I) Lifting Point Spread - Max
I - Maximum: 60" (1,524 mm)
(J) Lifting Point Spread - Min
J - Minimum: 37" (940 mm)
(K) Frame Width
K - Width: 11" (278 mm)
(L) Frame Length
L - Length: 70" (1,778 mm
Frame Weight
78 lbs. (35 kg)
Power Unit Weight
15 lbs. (7 kg)
Shipping Weight
240 lbs. (109 kg)
Shipping dimensions (ea. frame):
73.5" (L) x 15.25" (W) x 5" (H) (1,869 mm x 385 mm x 129 mm)
The QuickJack 5000TL Portable Car Lift is an ALI Certified Car Lift

WARNING: California Prop 65

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