Home Garage Car Lifts vs. Commercial Car Lifts

Looking for the right 2 post car lift for the vehicles that you work on? Do you need a Home Garage Car Lift or a Commercial Car Lift? Will a Floorplate two-post lifts or a Clearfloor two-post lift work better for you? Before straightening up the shop floor though, let’s take a look at the differences between a Home Garage Car Lift and a Commercial Car Lift. They are both excellent choices, but which one will work better for you?

Where and How Will You Use Your Lift?

There’s more to a Home Garage Car Lift and a Commercial Car Lift than just the names. Maybe you repair or restore everything from early Mustangs to late-model ¾ ton 4x4’s. Just as shops and cars are not all the same, not all lifts are the same, nor are the ways each mechanic works with their lift. And as a ½-ton pickup truck might work great for occasional towing and hauling, some may need a 1-ton pickup for heavier use. That fundamental analogy equates to vehicle lifts too. This means that for many uses a Home Garage Car Lift may serve the user very well and for others where varieties of heavier vehicles, high-frequency use, and larger repairs are the norm, a Commercial Car Lift might better handle the demanding requirements. Lift size, strength and capability are best served when appropriately matched to an anticipated use.

The good news is that by simply evaluating your shop or garage’s physical dimensions and the type, size, and weight of vehicles you will be working on, Bendpak has a lift that will work well in your setting.

    10 points to consider when selecting a Home Garage Car Lift or Commercial Car lift:

  • Usual weight of vehicles repaired
  • Typical size of vehicles including length
  • Shop Floor Size
  • Ceiling Height
  • Slab type and slab thickness correct for respective lift (See Concrete Requirements)
  • Types of Repairs and frequencies of use
  • Vehicle access and approach to garage
  • Available Power
  • Garage door clearance
  • Surrounding shop area use
two post car lift in home garage

Home Garage Car Lifts, 2-Post - Did You Know They Can Work in Professional Workshops Too?

BendPak’s GrandPrix Home Garage Car Lift is built to provide solutions, while working within more acute limitations. Is the area you have to install a lift a little on the tighter side? Maybe the ceiling is lower than most? And at the same time you need to raise a decent amount of weight? BendPak’s GrandPrix Home Garage Car Lift line is designed to address those real world challenges by incorporating space-efficiency and high performing components. This is because BendPak’s GrandPrix Home Garage Car Lifts are specifically engineered to fit within unforgiving physical dimensions, such as in a residential garage or as a secondary lift location inside a workshop. An especially in shops where upward clearance is limited.

BendPak’s GrandPrix Home Garage Car Lifts -Slimmer Columns and Clearfloor access

BendPak’s GrandPrix Home Garage Car Lifts helps you accomplish your automotive work faster and better by providing valuable under car access-from an efficiently sized lift. This is because GrandPrix Home Garage car lifts are designed throughout with more room to work around as their lifting columns are slimmer and more compactly sized than many others on the market. One reason is because GrandPrix Home Garage lifts strategically use a single hydraulic lifting cylinder located overhead between columns, and transfers that movement through a network of four cables to produce 7,000 lb. lifting. With no hydraulic cylinders installed in the vertical columns, the area can be manufactured smaller in circumference while still providing equal lifting support. And with the single hydraulic lifting cylinder located overhead between columns, the arrangement nets an open Clearfloor between columns to roll tool boxes freely across the concrete. *Note that a Clearfloor Commercial Lift (discussed later) utilizes dual hydraulic cylinders mounted in each column (due to higher capacity lifting weights) with an overhead assembly used to simply encase lifting lines and or cables.

Is Your Ceiling Space Challenged?

If you need a lift to fit under lower ceilings, the theme continues as models like the GrandPrix Home Garage Car Lifts GP-7LCS are designed with columns that need just 9’ of floor to ceiling room, or the GP7LC with 10’ required clearance. All GrandPrix Home Garage Car lifts boast a 7,000 lb. lifting capability that can raise most vehicles and light trucks. Remember, vehicles such as crew cab ½-ton pickup trucks typically weigh a much lighter 5,500 lbs. and most modern passenger cars weigh in the 4,000 lb. bracket.

Need More Height Though?

If the GrandPrix Home Garage car lift’s features fit your needs but you need more height, check out the GP-7. In shops where vertical height is basically not constrained with a low ceiling area, the GP-7 with its 13’ stature offers plenty of under car room. This model can also provide very versatile use in a commercial setting where it is sometimes helpful to have high enough working room for some bigger under-vehicle repairs, with the benefits of slimmer columns.

Here are the Home Garage Car Lift models offered within BendPak’s GrandPrix line:

GrandPrix 7LCS home garage

GP-7LCS, 7,000 lb. Capacity, Fits under ceilings as low as 9’

GrandPrix 7LC home garage lift

GP-7LC, 7,000 lb. Capacity, fits under ceilings as low as 10’

GP-7 Home Garage Lift

GP-7, 7,000 lb. Capacity, Standard height, fits under 13’ ceilings

Reach Out with Bi-Metric Lift Arms

Do you sometimes need more entry or exit room between the car’s door-opening to the lift’s columns? Bi-Metric lifts arms provide either symmetric or asymmetric reach. This allows you to choose one of two vehicle-on-lift loading positions; meaning in a symmetric (vehicle positioned at center point) or asymmetric position (vehicle positioned behind center point to allow more door opening clearance). This dual reach positioning feature can also allow the user to optimize available shop floor working area with the vehicle. Note-columns are mounted standard with this feature.

working under two post lift

Commercial Car Lifts, 2-Post -Raise from 9,000 lbs. to 18,000 lbs.

Do You Want to Super-Size Your Order?

Need to bring on the big heavyweight vehicles? BendPak’s Commercial Car lifts takes care of your super-sized lifting needs with dual hydraulic cylinders vertically mounted in each column. Our Commercial Car Lifts are offered in 10 separate XPR models that will hoist up everything from 9,000 lbs. to 18,000 lbs. Plus, BendPak’s Commercial Car lifts are built with the needed hardy components and engineering that you want when lifting vehicles within this range. Some models are offered in asymmetric or symmetric column installation. There is also bolt-on extendable height and narrow or wide width lift positioning available. And standard telescoping lift arms allow easier to reach chassis lift points.

Dual Direct Drive Hydraulic Cylinders Provide the Muscle

To raise 9,000 lbs. to 18,000 lbs. takes plenty of mechanical muscle. In this case they are the industrial grade dual hydraulic cylinders that are found in BendPak’s Commercial Car Lifts. These use precision manufactured steel components and high quality internal seals to get the job done. The XPR-9S specifically uses dual hydraulic cylinders each with pilot-fitted machined steel pistons and pressure-loaded u-cup piston seals operating a chain lifting system to hoist up 9,000 lb. loads.

Handles the Heavy Lifting with Direct Drive Dual Cylinders

On XPR models that lift heavier commercial-grade loads (10,000 lbs. to 18,000 lbs.) a Direct Drive dual-cylinder hydraulic lifting system is used for more rigorous hoisting; instead of a chain system. The working science inside of these cylinders is based around high-volume, low-pressure (HVLP) operation. Some of the benefits of the high-volume, low-pressure hydraulics is that it also means there is less chance of leaks after years of service. That’s because a high-volume, low pressure system produces less force within the hydraulic system. Another benefit of Direct Drive is that it is designed to lift with fewer moving parts than a chain-over roller style uses. A dual-synchro equalization system maintains uniform lifting and enables level-vehicle lift arm operation.

BendPak’s Commercial Car lifts have decade’s long and proven reliability, plus they are offered with a selection of either Floorplate two-post lifts or Clearfloor two-post lift styles depending on model.

BendPak’s XPR Commercial Car lifts-There is Strength in Numbers

    Check out these 10 Solutions:

  • XPR-9S, 9,000 lb. Cap., Symmetric, Floorplate, 113” Height, 145” Width, 72” Rise
  • XPR-10S, 10,000 lb. Cap., Symmetric, Clearfloor 145” Height, 145” Width, 69” Rise
  • XPR-10AS, 10,000 lb. Cap., Asymmetric, Clearfloor 145” Height, 145” Width, 69” Rise
  • XPR-10XLS, 10,000 lb. Cap., Symmetric, Clearfloor 157” Height, 145” Width, 75” Rise
  • XPR-10AXLS, 10,000 lb. Cap., Asymmetric, Clearfloor 157” Height, 145” Width, 75” Rise
  • XPR-12FDL, 12,000 lb. Cap., Symmetric, Floorplate 144” Height, 155” Width, 69” Rise’
  • XPR-12CL, 12,000 lb. Cap., Symmetric, Clearfloor 170” Height, 155” Width, 69” Rise
  • XPR-12CL-LTA, 12,000 lb. Cap., Symmetric, Clearfloor 170” Height, 155” Width, 69” Rise
  • XPR-15CL, 15,000 lb. Cap., Symmetric, Clearfloor 170” Height, 155” Width, 69” Rise
  • XPR-18CL, 18,000 lb. Cap., Symmetric, Clearfloor 170” Height, 155” Width, 69” Rise
  • *Note-XPR-10s, XPR-10AS, XPR-10XLS-Feature Adjustable Width Settings

Although both styles accomplish the same routing, the main difference between Floorplate two-post lifts vs. Clearfloor two-post lifts is the method of hydraulic line and or cable routing between posts, and which style will net your use the better.

Floorplate two-post lifts-Keep the Top Open

Floorplate two-post lifts run the necessary hydraulic lines under a rugged steel drive-over enclosure mounted at ground level, between both columns. This arrangement allows an open area above the tops of the columns.

Clearfloor Two-Post Lifts provides a Clean Sweep

A Clearfloor Two-Post Lifts routes the same hydraulic line arrangement across the top of the two columns enclosed within an overhead assembly. This style leaves the concrete between the columns open so that oil drain containers, tool boxes and more can be freely rolled across the ground; under the vehicle. And of course you can sweep the concrete front to back, under the car!

You Have Options

BendPak’s line of Home Garage Car Lifts and Commercial Car Lifts provide you with the tools to do what you do better, quicker, and easier. With many of these lifts, there are available options or accessories to equip your Home Garage Car Lift or Commercial Car lift best for your work. And both Floorplate two-post lifts and Clearfloor Two-Post Lifts offer benefits. With so many lift choices, BendPak’s line of Home Garage Car Lifts and Commercial Car Lifts can provide the answers you are looking for.