BendPak's Four-Post Lift Runways:
Why Did They Lose the Grit?

New Low-Gloss Paint Provides Improved Runway Traction

BendPak's four-post lift runways are transitioned to a new traction enhancing 20-percent low-gloss, powder coat paint that is much easier to clean and maintain for longer use. The new finish will replace the previously used high-gloss paint that incorporated a #30 grit aluminum oxide pattern along the top surface.

BendPak’s commitment to ongoing innovation and ease of maintenance is always evolving to offer the best product. With the previous application of #30 grit imbedded into the finish, users would find that mud, dirt, water, and debris often could not be completely cleaned away. We have improved the finish for easier cleaning and better performance. And trust us, there weren’t any bean-counters in on this new change.

What Are the Gripping Details?

The quick answer is that those long runways will now be easier to maintain with an uninterrupted 20% low-gloss powder coat that provides superior grip. And those previously applied aluminum oxide particles often could work their way off the surface, leaving small passageways and voids down to the parent metal. The new low-gloss paint eliminates those particles, and even provides superior parking traction on runway surfaces. With the 20% low-gloss powder coat’s enhanced ability to seal top surfaces free of moisture, debris, and dirt, the runways can last much longer and not succumb to excessive corrosion, attack and wear.

Some Benefits of NEW 20% Low-Gloss Runway Paint

  • By going from high gloss to a lower 20% gloss, the coefficient of friction increased
  • Less prone to damage, chipping, peeling
  • Less damage from rust and corrosion
  • Easier to clean
  • 20% gloss powder coat shows less scuffs and defects

How About the Drive-Up Approach Ramps?

BendPak’s drive-up ramps, will continue to incorporate distinctive traction features such as 30 grit aluminum oxide or diamond plate stamped patterns. This is because wet tires under power, require a coarser tire-to-ramp traction capability as a vehicle transitions the incline upward and onto the lift’s runways. As well, the steep angle of some ramp models by the nature of their geometry, allows water and debris to run off of the surface. So the ramps will not typically experience remaining surface moisture accumulation that can lead to corrosive damage.

BendPak’s Commitment to Constantly Improving Product Quality

Improvements like these are all part of BendPak’s ongoing commitment to bring you the world’s best shop and lift equipment. BendPak’s new low-gloss runway paint will help keep vehicles in place with an increased coefficient of friction, while providing a smooth operation for years to come.