BendPak Recreates Color Scheme for Brand New Look


gray2Santa Paula, California – November 2016 – When BendPak designed its earliest car lift models, they were painted Burgundy to match the tastes of that era. Years later, in the late 1980s, the company redesigned its brand and color scheme with the brilliant “BendPak blue” that defines their look today. This bold blue has helped solidify BendPak’s reputation and brand and has become a staple in the automotive aftermarket. After nearly three decades, BendPak intends to reinvent its colors to keep their brand evolving and relevant.

BendPak is updating from their classic blue to what they anticipate will become the next color staple that the automotive industry will come to adopt: a gunmetal gray with white and yellow accents. The look will remain consistent across all of BendPak’s car lift models.


“Our bold blue made BendPak the most recognizable car lift brand in the industry, but everyone around the world has adopted the same look,” said Jeff Kritzer, BendPak Sr. Vice President of Sales and Marketing. The company recognizes bright blue-colored lifts can contrast with certain franchise, business or residential livery colors.

That’s not to say the design is meant to make BendPak more invisible in garages. The color scheme update is part of a marketing trend in BendPak to let the company name sell itself rather than force brand recognition through slogans and colors. “We surveyed both our dealer and customer base, and the overwhelming majority felt the new color scheme adds a touch of class,” Kritzer stated.

The company believes this change in direction offers a message of strength and is part of their commitment to keep expanding into new markets. BendPak President Don Henthorn said, “BendPak is going to look as modern as any new technology that’s out there. We’re growing as a company, and the BendPak name is what people really want to see on their equipment to know they’re buying the best.”

Want to know more about BendPak’s change to Gunmetal Gray? First check out our BendPak Going Gunmetal Gray FAQ page or email to get in touch with a BendPak representative today!

9 responses to “BendPak Recreates Color Scheme for Brand New Look”

  1. darren friedman writes:

    I was ordering 2 more lifts through Service Tech. Because I can’t get them in blue to match my other lifts I will buy Challenger’s. Changing color lost you 2 lift sales. I like your product, but bad move changing color. I don’t want to look at boring depressing grey all day. It’s important that customers see a shop that pops. Grey is not “Class” and your name recognition is BLUE!! Best… Darren

  2. Tyler writes:

    Thanks for your thoughts, Darren. Our classic Blue is still available on special order. If you’re still shopping, give us a call 1-805-933-9970.

  3. Jeff Chipps writes:

    Bendpak Gray!!! WHAT!!!


    You say it’s because the bold and beautiful BLUE that Bendpak is known for clashes with certain clients’ garage decor.

    What BS.

    If that’s the case, why did you not simply offer the ugly gray as a free color “CHOICE” for those particular customers?

    I think I’ve discovered the real reason.

    I notice that you now offer the original BLUE that most customers such as myself LOVE and WANT, and also a Red option, but they come with a ridiculously high additional fee! “of course they do” haha.

    Okay, I’ll give credit where credit’s due:
    You just may have come up with a very ingenious marketing ploy, that will make you thousands upon thousands of extra $$$ simply by painting X number of lifts per year with the same good old BLUE paint that many have come to love, but charging an outrageous optional fee for it!

    Your Marketing people and the Executives that accepted this stupid color change proposal are either ‘geniuses’ or ‘idiots’

    Only time and your sales will tell?

    Those nice VERSYMMETRIC CHALLENGER lifts, now available in a bold and snazzy BLUE, RED, or BLACK (customer choice) for NO ADDITIONAL FEE, are beginning to look mighty FINE indeed!

    Listen up, you can call us what you like: CAR GUYS, MECHANICS, GEAR HEADS, GREASE MONKEYS, or what have you.

    But we’re damn sure NOT interior designers and don’t give a damn about our LIFTS blending with the decor!

    We’re simply ‘Big Boys’ who like ‘Big Toys’ and we LIKE em’ with BRIGHT and BOLD COLORS that make a shop POP!

    Who wants to look at a DULL and DEPRESSING gray all day long!

    Your gun-metal gray marketing decision truly sucks.

    Thanks for listening to me vent.

    J. Chipps

  4. Max Glassburg writes:

    Market testing revealed a greater interested in Gunmetal Gray than our traditional blue. Promise we haven’t gone “deep state” as a means to accrue additional revenue.

    Of course, that’s exactly what we would say if we had…

    Thanks for your feedback, J. Chipps. 😉

  5. Turned Miller writes:

    I was going to buy lift #4 for my garage, grey. Is not going to match the other ones so I guess I’ll take a look at a Challenger lift. I’ve never looked at any other lift so we’ll see what happens. Grey is a bad choice for lift color, my wife i hope wasn’t in on this color choice.

  6. Max Glassburg writes:

    Hi! For a small fee and a 60 to 90 day waiting period, we can powder coat your lift in classic blue. However, our belief is that you’ve been choosing BendPak for all these years because of the overall quality and maybe even the warranty. Not the color. Give us a call. Let’s work it out. (800) 253-2363.

  7. Terry McCarthy writes:

    I recently purchased a Bendpak 2-post lift and was pleased that you changed the color to gunmetal gray. The colors of my shop interior are white and gray and the lift fits in great. Even if you still used the blue color, I would have purchased the Bendpak. I installed it with a friend and am pleased with everything so far.

  8. Brian Andre Jr writes:

    I feel the BendPak Blue and Yellow shows the higher quality and thickness in the product comparative to the Gun Metal Gray. My Opinion is the gray make the metal looks thinner and cheaper and does not show the strength or thickness of the product. Since the Benpak is used to lift very heavy cars/trucks I would want to show a person from a distance like the blue does how strong and sturdy Bendpak lifts are.

    Brian Andre Jr

  9. Max Glassburg writes:

    Thanks for your thoughts, Brian! You can still order the lifts in blue, of course, if you prefer that look.

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