Sponsorship Opportunities

Does BendPak Offer Sponsorships?

We get many sponsorship requests for BendPak and its affiliate brands. It seems like every day, there's another YouTube channel, Instagram influencer, race team or other member of the automotive community ready to spread their wings and take the world by storm. We think that's absolutely incredible, and it goes to show that this is the best time to be involved in the automotive community.

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Unfortunately, we can't offer sponsorships, discounts and/or promotional packages to everybody who wants one. In fact, these types of deals and offerings are very rare, and every deal is unique.

Still, we want to give everyone a fair shake. That's why we put together a criteria for sponsorships. To save time, we ask that you review the criteria extensively before inquiring about sponsorships. Please also review the following Do's and Don'ts on how to follow up with us.

Sponsorship Request Do's

  • If your numbers don't match our expectations for a sponsorship, we encourage you to come back sometime in the future when you're a better match!
  • Do double-check that all information is accurate to the best of your ability.
  • Do understand that BendPak will reach out to you if we think you're a good fit for us at the present time.
  • Do wait at least 6 months to submit a sponsorship request if we reject you the first time. Repeated attempts in a short time span may disqualify you from any future sponsorship consideration.

Sponsorship Request Don'ts

  • Don't lie, misrepresent or "inflate" your follow/subscriber count. This will result in IMMEDIATE disqualification from any future sponsorship consideration, in perpetuity throughout the known universe.
  • Don't follow up with us via phone, email or social media. If you still don't hear from us after your first attempt, don't repeatedly ask us about your status across multiple channels. This may result in automatic disqualification. We will follow up if we think you are a good match for us at the present time.
  • Don't take it personally if we determine your channel is not ready for a sponsorship. Keep at it and keep building your brand. Every successful influencer we work with is successful because they never gave up, and never quit trying.