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    • QuickJack
    • QuickJack
    • Set of 12 pieces

    The 3,500 pound capacity QuickJack replaces clumsy floor jacks and unstable jack stands with a safe, durable and very convenient vehicle jacking and support system. Simply position the lightweight jack frames under the vehicle, push the raise button on the remote hand-held pendant control and in less than ten seconds the entire car is almost two-feet off the ground, ready for tire changes, chassis tuning or other maintenance.

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      Description Capacity Lowered
    BL-3500 QuickJack™ Car Jack Support System
    3,500-lbs. 3" 20"
    BL-5000 QuickJack™ Car Jack Support System 5,000-lbs. 3" 22"
    BL-5000XL QuickJack™ Car Jack Support System   5,000-lbs.  3" 21" 
    SUV and Light Truck Adapters QuickJack Adapter Set       



    The rugged built QuickJack collapses to a low three-inch profile so it fits where other jacks don’t and the no-assembly-required set-up means practicality and portability becomes reality. Because the QuickJack is void of any cross members it provides greater undercar access and can be installed at a width that best suits the vehicles you’ll be raising.


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