Kellie Reider, Controller and CFO

Kellie is the Controller and CFO of BendPak. She is responsible for a little bit of everything, including annual tax preparation, supply chain management, Human Resources development and making the money go round. Kellie’s day-to-day is backed by an extensive 35-year background in the automotive industry along with a Business and Accounting degree from Fresno State University, making her a perfect fit on the BendPak leadership team.

Growing up around cars her whole life, Kellie has seen and experienced many different facets​ of the automotive industry. From aftermarket sales to her extensive work in the car dealership business including service, sales and finance, she’s prepared to handle the extreme hustle and bustle the industry has to offer. Kellie’s tenacity and bulldog-like approach to decision making allows her to quickly and effectively solve any problems that may arise.

In her spare time, Kellie is an avid bowler and runs several bowling leagues in the Ventura County area, sometimes even travelling out of state. She routinely bowls a perfect 300 game, but doesn’t like to talk about it because she doesn’t want to make anyone feel bad.