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Air Bottle (5215306)

Compressed Air Bottle for 4-Post Lifts Safety Locks

BendPak's compressed air bottle allows you to easily release all your four post lift's safety locks at once with a solution that fits right under the ramp.

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Compressed Air Bottle for 4-Post Lifts Safety Locks by BendPak
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Compressed Air Without the Big Tank

Many of our customers are concerned about the air requirement for safety-lock release activation on BendPak four-post car lifts. Some consumers may not have an air compressor or worry about the added expense of purchasing one and going through the trouble of plumbing airlines, etc.

BendPak developed this compressed air bottle system to allow the lift to create its own air source each time the lift is raised. The safety lock release system found on BendPak lifts requires 25 psi to safely release all four locks simultaneously. The car lift air bottle kit system creates 150 psi with one full lift rise—more than enough air for multiple full descents with the safety button depressed.

Features & Specs

  • Bottle is attached to the lift as a separate component
  • Bottle is fed through an input fitting that is plumbed directly to the vent port on the lift hydraulic cylinder
  • Out port feeds directly to the pneumatic safety push-button operator
  • Leak-proof fittings and valves. Bottle can remain charged for up to 24 months
  • Pressure gauge to identify charged status
  • Integrated “pop off” safety valve when bottle exceeds 150 psi
  • Bottle fully charges up to 150 psi with one full rise
  • Independent valve stem for emergency recharging

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