What is Vehicle-to-Vehicle (V2V) Communication and Does it Work?

Let’s begin with the classic technique of throwing out a bunch of scary statistics to build importance and establish credibility. (Just to get it out of the way before getting into V2V communication and why it matters.) There are… 1.3 million worldwide deaths, per year, from police-reported car crashes (3,287 per day). 37,000 – 40,000+ […]

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BendPak Launches New Website

BendPak is jumping head-first into the future with a gorgeous new website design. The BendPak Marketing team has been hard at work on one of the company’s most important updates in its long and storied history: launching a new, modern-looking website that will better serve customers for many years to come. Literally thousands of hours have […]

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BendPak Expands Customer Service 2018

We’re excited to announce big news coming from BendPak! Within the next few months, BendPak expects to complete one of its most important projects in recent memory. And that’s a big deal considering the past couple of years have marked a time of exponential growth in terms of sales, new employment and the construction of […]

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Two-Post Safety: Lift Carriages and Arm Restraints

A reoccurring theme for many two-post accidents typically involves user error in one way or another. We see it over and over again, unfortunately, even from trained and experienced mechanics. Now, we know most people do things the right way, but one seemingly small mistake can lead to a lot of trouble. With everyone’s safety […]

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New Series: Sticker Shock on Discovery Channel

04/25/18 Update: New air date is Monday, April 30, 10 PM EST. Variety just got the scoop on a brand new series. It’s a car show, so naturally, we have to tell you about it. Sticker Shock will be premiering on Discovery Channel, Monday, April 30 at 10 p.m. ET/PT. We’re already excited that the […]

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How to Get on Truck Night in America

1/17/19 Update: We might as well say something right here and clear up any confusion. BendPak is not affiliated with Truck Night in America, and we cannot get you on the show. Our updates and information come at our own discretion and are not reflective of History Channel’s stances or opinions. We just really like […]

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New Show: Truck Night in America

5/1/18 Update: APPLY TO BE ON SEASON TWO NOW!!! (Sorry for shouting.) Also see this: How to Get on Truck Night in America Love cars? Love trucks? Love mud? Then you must love a good time. And you must be getting excited about Truck Night in America, premiering on Thursday, March 8, 10PM ET/PT. If you’re […]

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Why a Car Lift Needs Big Wire Rope Sheaves

When it comes to working under an elevated vehicle for hours, days and weeks at a time, it might be comforting to know just how precisely that lift was engineered and constructed. Like a well-oiled machine, there are literally dozens of parts and components that must work in perfect harmony to keep you and your […]

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BendPak Welcomes New Facility Early 2018

  Download Release Images    BendPak Inc. is set to expand for the second year in a row with a 50,000+ sq. ft. facility. The bold move, coming on the heels of a massive expansion just months prior, marks a new chapter for BendPak in one of the company’s most decisive growth phases. According to […]

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The REAL Story of This Viral Car Lift Photo

This article has been heavily edited from its original form. A few things raced through our minds when we first saw the internet’s latest car lift fail.  BendPak has been in the car lift industry for over 30 years, so this would not be the first installation mistake we’ve encountered. In this instance, however, the […]

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